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     Farming, hunting, fishing and trapping background.
     Weightlifting, jogging and martial arts experience.
     Graduated from Northfield Jr.-Sr. High School in 1984, having majored in English & Math, minoring in History, Ag, Industrial Arts, also having taken Band, Typing, and Phys. Ed.

I speak the Spanish Language fluently enough to communicate when I'm brushed up on it. 
      Have had 2 or more dogs at once for the last fourteen years constantly, usually 3-4, and currently have nine.

Ethnic Background is English, Scottish, Irish and Cherokee

Religion is Christianity


Have successfully completed the following college classes; letter at end is the grade I earned, beginning in January 2012, graduating in June 2014, from Ivy Tech Community College, receiving an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology. The letter after each class is the grad I got:

     English Composition-A; Network Fundamentals-B; Microcomputer Operating System-B; First Year Seminar-A; Concepts in Mathematics-C; Intro to Microcomputers-B; PC Technology Essentials-A; IT Technician-C; Windows Network Operating System-C; U.S. History-C; Public Speaking-C; Intro to Microcomputers-B; Linux Fundamentals-D; Intro to Systems Security-C; Intro to Information System Security-D; Computing Logic-B; Intro to Computer Forensics-A; Microsoft Network Security-B; Economics Fundamentals-C; Systems Analysis & Design-C; Windows Client Operating System-B; Capstone Course-A; Physical Science-B

     70 Hours Attempted; 64 Hours Passed; 66 GPA Hours; Quality Points 165; GPA 2.5. I took Linux twice, flunked it the second time due to time constraints (I did less than half the assignments).


Successfully train dogs which are considered by others to be unmanageable.   

 Honor Graduate from the United States Army Transportation School (attack helicopter repair), Ft. Eustis, VA, 1984

     Ran 2 miles in 11 minutes and 28 seconds for a U.S. Army qualification run. In June of 1985, 4 months after breaking my leg, I re-qualified at 14 minutes, then again at 12 minutes 2 weeks later. Ft. Jackson, SC and Ft. Hood, TX, 1984 and 1985.

     During M16A1 Qualification at Ft. Jackson, SC, on the pop-up range: scored 49 out of 50 on qualification practice day; scored 31 out of 50 on qualification day.

     Participated in a sting which apprehended two men, possibly Russian spies, who were attempting to discover classified information about the Cobra AH-1 Attack Helicopter, at Ft. Hood, TX in 1984.

     Uncovered major corruption in an informant network in/around Wabash County, IN, 1993-2008.

     Survived a fight with a 5th degree, martial arts black belt in 1984 at Kileen, TX [did not win].

     Ran 3.1 miles in 22:35 in the Round Barn Run, Rochester, IN, in 2001.

     Performed 66 pushups in 2 minutes in basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC in 1984 for physical qualification.

     Ran 6 miles in around 44 minutes in the Ranger Run at Remington, IN in 2004.

     Cut, loaded, hauled, split and stacked 180 ricks of firewood in the space of a year and a half during 2009-10, while also working another part/full time job.

     Drove 134,000 miles while working for MWT/Roadrunner Trucking from January 1992 to September 1992, a 48 state company.

     Made a 1300 mile round trip, from 4 pm on a Sunday to 5 am the following Tuesday, while driving a truck for Brothers Express, in 2004.

     Owned and learned to handle a 425 hp equipped 1972 Camaro in 1983.

     Ran 6 miles in 48 minutes and some odd seconds at the Roann Festival Run in 2013.     

     Ran 9 miles [15k] in 1 hour, 19 min., 18.1 sec. at Cole Porter Classic, Peru, In, Oct. 1st, 2016: &



Have flown solo two times in a Cessna 150, in 1987 at Wabash Municipal Airport

     Successfully outlined a small scale plan intended for the FBI to orchestrate a particular sting without violating constitutional precepts, in 1994, in Colorado Springs, CO.

     Was both reprimanded and congratulated, at the same time, by the U.S. State Department, in 1994 concerning a crime for which I was quite falsely implicated and nearly arrested for, which case I presented to the FBI, who successfully  took the case to it's rightful conclusion, thereby exonerating me.

     Served as both an acting FBI street agent (limited authority) and a peace officer for a short while while in Colorado Springs, CO. Also performed some services for the C.I.A. and the United States Marshall's Service

     Uncovered corruption of personnel within the ranks of the United States Marshalls Witness Protection Program and of those outside of those ranks, both government and civilian. I was never within those ranks in any way, but through investigation was able to supply enough pertinent information which enabled the FBI and other entities to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that purposeful endangerment of civilians in order to place in that protection program was being orchestrated.

     Uncovered and partially deciphered a cryptographic form of verbal communications platform (code language) being used within certain informant networks for both legitimate and nefarious purposes, depending upon who was using it. This case involved a high probability of complicity between these networks, the CIA and certain "constitution" (not militia) groups based in the southwest. [Note: I was only ever under 4 government persons: FBI Special Agent Neil Hoener [ret]; former Wabash County Sheriff Tim Roberts (3 months); Wabash City Detective Jeff Whitmer (2 months); Loveland City Detective Roberts (3 weeks). All the rest I simply submitted reports to, sometimes to give the FBI a way to monitor cops'/informants' activities.
     From around 2004 to 2011, I never went looking for anything, simply generating reports from an observation status and defensive position.

     Am an accomplished engine builder for stock and mildly modified street engines, as well as experienced in most phases of engine rebuilding machining processes excepting turning crankshafts. In 1986 I performed valve jobs on the heads of two engines which were used in an Indy race car during qualifications.

     Proficient in arc/mig/tig welding, oxyacetylene torch use and plasma cutter, experience in brazing and soldering.

     Experience in working with/caring for cattle and hogs.

     Experience with horses and ponies.

Todd A. Slee
9750 S 450 W

South Whitley, IN 46787