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                                 ANGEL OF LIGHT
                                                                   Christians and Investigative and Informant Work




To begin with, I'm not saying that investigators cannot be Christians, because if not for Christians in government work and unbelievers in Christ who believe in and adhere to Godly precepts and principles, America and the rest of the world would be far worse off than it already is, for a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, from experience I will say that it is impossible to engage in undercover activity and not detract from a good witness for Christ.

Many of the "criminal" element, I can say, are more respectful to the things of the Lord than are many government and private "investigators". All in all, the whole array of investigating is a quagmire of wickedness [Psalm 12], and most of the supposed goodness is simply a ploy [II Timothy 3:5].

Below is an article entitled Christian? Informants. Another article, which supplements this one, is found on the AIDING GOVT. page.

NATIONALISM-An article on people being so zealous for country that they forsake God or, at the very least, put Him second, which is idolatry. (Use the back arrow to return here if desired).


                                                    CHRISTIAN? INFORMANTS

This is an article dealing with the little discussed issue of Christian believers actively engaging in undercover or other covert types of work for either law enforcement or civilian entities. I know that this is an issue, because I have been associated with people on both sides of the "fence", as well as people who are neutral on the issue and are simply law abiding citizens, having nothing to do with law enforcement directly, nor with people who intentionally engage in illegal activity.

Some time ago, I was talking to someone who named a person who was trying to get him and some of his buddies in trouble for dealing and using drugs. That guy commented that she had no business at all in trying to do such things, because she went to church on a regular basis. They weren't mad at that person so much for trying to get them busted, as they were disgusted and disappointed for casting a bad shadow on the church, which it does.

I believe that the Almighty Word of God tells believers what we are, and are not, allowed to do concerning all things [II Timothy 3:16, Proverbs 1:7, 3:1-5, 7, 4:7-19, 23-27, 6:24-28].

If a believer obeys the Lord, things like this should never be an issue, but the snares of life are many [Matthew 7:13]. There are people from both sides of the law who ensnare people and cause them to veer from the right path, usually via a craftily concocted presentation which sounds good on the surface [Proverbs 1:11-19], but is, in reality, a dead end street [Proverbs 2:16-22]. As often as not, the presentation is not even verbal but implied through other means [Proverbs 10:10, 6:12-15].

I once talked to a man who had associates pretty high up in government and related that taking bribes and kickbacks from criminals and then looking the other way, is an accepted practice these days. Now, they're even changing the laws to make what used to be crime, no longer a crime for certain people. For instance, it is now legal for members of Congress to participate in insider trading. That is something like the fox being in cahoots with the farmer, so he knows when it's safe to raid the hen house. In a book I read, called 'The Underground Empire: Where Government and Crime Embrace' by James Mills, the DEA was ready to perform a sting on a foreign country which was shipping hundreds and hundreds of tons of illegal drugs into the United States. Just before the sting was orchestrated, the State Department shut the sting down. Why? That little country was supplying information about other countries' military activities to the United States. What is America's government doing? They are trading innocent lives for power, all in the name of national security [Revelation 18:3-5, 13, 14; Ezekiel 27:3, 33-36; 28:5-10, I Peter 2:16, II Peter 2:1-3, 16, 17-19, James 2:4-9, 5:1-6].

Knowing things of this nature, the patriotic, earthly mind may think then, that we should all pitch in and do our part to correct wrongs. Everybody should do something good for others, but there are inhibitive barriers. For one thing, America is a land of freedom and liberties, and if someone wants to live totally for self, without breaking the law or otherwise being unconstitutional, then that is their prerogative. From a Christian standpoint, the Gospel is to be out main focus, family next, then country and fellow man. With Christian work, each believer has to be led by the Spirit of God in doing what he or she is led to do, and conform our lives to Christ's work according as He directs [Philippians 2:12, 13], not being overly concerned with earthly matters, or to say, not to let earthly things stress us out or drag us down [II Timothy 2:1-4, II Corinthians 4:18, Luke 10:40-42]. Each believer has a distinct, useful purpose for the work of Christ [Romans 12:]. If we join the world, we will suffer as did Israel when they were disobedient and became too worldly [Hosea 4:15-19, II Corinthians 6:14-18, Romans 12:1,2, James 4:4, Luke 16:9].

Someone has to deal with crime via law enforcement, promoting peace and order in that manner, or at least help keep the roar to a minimum. Provisions for the Christians' duties as pertaining to that are outlined in the Bible [Titus 3:1, Romans 13:1-7, Acts 4:18-20, 5:27-29,41,42]. There are a good many Christian believers in the employ of the government, just as there were in ancient Roman, and other, governments [Romans 16:23, Philippians 4:22, Matthew 8:5-10]. If they are to engage in that type of employment, then that is where they belong [I Corinthians 7:20-24, Romans 12:17, II Corinthians 1:24, 3:17, Galatians 5:21].

There is a major difference between going out and looking for trouble, and simply being asked about a crime or a potential crime. We need to be honest [Exodus 23:1], yet wise and discerning at the same time [Matthew 10:16, I Kings 3:9, Malachi 3:18, II Samuel 14:17]. Some people refuse to tell on anybody, so rather than lie, they simply say nothing. It is said that Indians never lied. They just said nothing if they were asked a question they didn't want to answer. In an age where a lot of innocent people go to jail or prison, sometimes it may be best to remain silent, other times it's not. The best way to avoid trouble is to not run with people who get into trouble for breaking the law [II Corinthians 6:14-18, Romans 13:13, 14, I Peter 4:1-5], and to help brethren stay clean [Galatians 6:1,2]. Authority used rightfully is not our enemy [Romans 13:1-10], and most cops don't like using church goers as informants anyway, because it casts a bad shadow. All in all, being an informant is a good thing to totally avoid.

There are three main reasons why people get involved in informant/investigative work: they are caught committing crime and are given the chance to aid authorities in exchange for leniency; they need to in order to prove their innocence, for example in a case of mistaken identity or a frame job; they want to. In my case i had to to a certain degree in order to provide information proving my innocence of a crime due to a frame job. The frame job came about due to my gathering hours towards a private investigator's license. When I did finally become enabled to have a certain number of hours documented towards that, I respectfully declined. That was around 2004, and I had already had enough of that type of career possibility.

In some undercover work, you can only be effective by engaging in crime alongside the criminals, which makes you a criminal yourself. If you just hang around with criminals and perform the investigating as a casual observer, you are usually limited and there is a chance that you'll be dragged into something you don't want to be involved in. I think that most informants and undercover investigators likely do not usually outright lie, but none are often 100% honest, either, in that there is always craftiness involved, which Paul the Apostle (and others) have denounced [II Corinthians 4:1-4]. We are to allow God's truths to be manifest through us [Acts 24:16, Romans 9:1, II Corinthians 1:12, Romans 2:15], which lets other people's consciences be clear toward us. It troubles people when Christian believers do things which they shouldn't [Proverbs 11:10,11, 17:7, I Peter 2:5, Revelation 1:6, 5:10]. Everyone understands mistakes and simply being imperfect, but when we are just disobedient to God and Christ, we have no excuse. Revision 04/20/2019: I have discovered that the CIA, when it comes to honesty within the ranks, and respecting one's  faith, religion, are very exacting and honorable, respectively. Also, these scriptural concepts are to be, or can be, applied within certain contexts. For example, a minister who is an operative or agent, or undercover cop, would be limited in the various facets of Gospel endeavors, to performing Christ's  duties within the realm of the undercover world, largely. 

I read a book a few years ago be Bob Woodward, a well known and respected author, on the C.I.A. In it, a confidant related that the very first thing the C.I.A. teaches it's recruits to do is to lie. They have to become so good at lying that they can fool even their instructors as part of a series of tests. The thought that the end justifies the means does not cut it with the Almighty. What He expected with Adam and Eve and throughout all history He expects of us now [James 1:17, Hebrews 13:8].

Annanias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Ghost, and were struck down dead by it for that [Acts 5:1-10]. Doing that is one way of blaspheming the Holy Ghost, the only unpardonable sin [Mark 3:29, I John 5:16]. What if you are a Christian and an undercover agent, officer, operative or an informant, and you are in the company of people who hate Christians, or who will not knowingly associate with Christians, and are asked if you believe in Jesus Christ or in a precept, or ideal which is of Christ? What are you going to say, knowing that Jesus himself said that if you deny Him then He will deny you? [Luke 12:8,9, Matthew 7:12-27]. Grace neither did away with the moral commandments nor gave us a licence to sin [Matthew 5:17, James 2:10, Leviticus 5:17, Deuteronomy 27:26, Romans 6:1,2,15,16, 8:4, Galatians 3:10,21,24]. It is possible to lose your own soul while saving others', even in strictly missionary work and trying your best, let alone when you put a secular job ahead of your faith [I Corinthians 9:26,27]. You may be focused on the overall view, or to say, the end result. But that is equivalent to adhering to the concept of "the end justifies the means". Every tyrant in the world has always had that view, and is responsible for the murder of many. [See also James 2:14-18].

If the church members keep letting everything slide, the eventual outcome will be that the powers that be may try to abolish the true Christian church. The powers of satan will never prevail against the church [Matthew 16:18], but remember that in God's view, satan is not prevailing against the believer even when he succeeds in getting any one of us murdered, perhaps tortured in the process [Psalm 116:15, 'Foxe's Book of Martyrs']. The paradox is, that sometimes, even when believers are doing their best, they still get murdered in one form or another [Hebrews ch. 11]. Fact is, each of us have an appointed time of earthly demise, so we need to be ready [Hebrews 9:27, Psalm 89:47, Ecclesiastes 3:1,2, 9:2,5,11, Colossians 4:5, Hebrews 10:35, 12:15-17,25]. Believers also depend upon one another in many ways. Therefore, if we faint, we can't help other believers [James 5:16].

When and if we are disobedient, we get punished, or chastened, after we are forgiven [Hebrews 12:5-11, Exodus 22:20], if we ask the Lord to [James 1:5-He will not rebuke us for asking]. But we can also receive sore punishments like people in the Old Testament did when they were disobedient, as the Old is a shadow of the new [Hebrews 4:11], and the New a fulfilling of the Old [Matthew 5:17-20]. When Jonah ran from God in order to escape his mission of ministry, and embarked on a trip to Tarshish by ship, God sent a storm which endangered everyone on the ship [Jonah 1:1-17]. Once they threw Jonah overboard, the storm stopped. While it may not always be a physical storm upon the disobedient and the unbelieving, something always happens, while blessings come upon all around for the obedience of the believing. In Ezekiel 21:31,32 the Jews were sorely punished for their disobedience.

We are to do unto others as we'd have them do unto us [Matthew 7:12, Deuteronomy 15:7-11]. An argument in favor of making a report would be something like, well, if it were me doing this or that crime, I'd want somebody to stop me, and that may well be. But unless someone is causing another person harm, undue duress or loss of property, for example, there are better ways to get someone to stop doing that, and even to stop doing the things just mentioned, and that is by reprimanding them or witnessing to them. There are times when a report is necessary, but there are many unnecessary reports made all the time. And again, there is a huge difference between making a report that seems necessary and going out and looking for something to report. It's a bad witness and it is not what God wants. I speak from experience. In respect of government, which to a degree is necessary, there are people who are paid to investigate. There are also private investigative entities. Those things are necessary to a point. We can only hope and pray that those people are both honest and competent. Note that being legal is not always or necessarily being honest.

Many officers automatically suspect someone of some crime who makes certain types of reports. Some of that suspicion is due to criminals often reporting rivals in order to eliminate competition. Some otherwise honest people do the same, perhaps to legally get even with someone. As believers we are to overcome evil with good [Romans 12:17,21] and let the Lord handle vengeance [Romans 12:19]. And no matter how sound of reasoning we may come up with for making reports on people, we need to seek the Lord's guidance if it is not an urgent matter [Proverbs 3:5]. It is, unfortunately, harder these days to settle a dispute with someone face to face, even in an unhostile manner, because at the drop of a hat, charges of harassment or similar charges are leveled against people all the time. One of the hardest things I have found to accept is to suffer being wronged [I Peter 2:19], not that we have to just sit back and take everything wrongfully [I Corinthians 6:1-8].

There are people who twist/misuse certain verses such as Luke 6:29,30 and Hebrews 10:34 to harm and steal from people, for example. Some government people use verses such as Romans 13:1 to force folks to become informants. When scripture is misused, then those people are in the wrong, and we need not take heed. There has always been corruption in various places and there always will be.

Every now and then we may run into someone, of one status or position, who we just can't outwit, and it's hard to understand why they get away with just about anything conniving that they want to do. Some people are just extremely slick and perceptive at doing bad things, and seem to really prosper, at the expense of others. In the area of investigating and such, I am not referring to those who use proper investigation methods, but rather those who seem to know things about others that even the most stringent methods would not reveal, and which info is used not to orchestrate true justice, but to oppress, blackmail, extort and so on. The devil has a counterfeit for the things of God, including the workings of the Holy Ghost. Just as the magicians of Egypt were able to duplicate some of the works which God did at the hand of Moses, so it is today. But there is a point at which the devil and his evil spirits can no longer duplicate the Almighty's deeds [Exodus ch4-10]. Those people are often reserved until the judgement day [II Peter 2:1-4,7,8,10-15,17-19, Psalm 73:3-12,19,27]. Some people, and it's likely only some, totally forsake God and use the tools of the devil to increase and prosper, like the King of Tyre did, who I believe was a ruler possessed by satan [Ezekiel ch. 28, 21:21-23], and people who used a woman who was possessed by a bad spirit [Acts 16:16-18, Deuteronomy 18:9-14]. Rather than taking heed to every song and dance given to us by a fast talker, we need to rely upon the Lord [Psalm 55:22, Phillippians 4:11,14], and pray for discernment, so we know just exactly who someone is of [Acts 12:8, 16:9, 19:13-16,19,24-29, I John 4:1-3].

We can't stop all of the bad things in this world by our own strengths, not as individuals nor even as nations. We can't even fully understand all of the evil things [Isaiah 33:19] that occur. And of our own accord we are no match for the wisest of this world [I Corinthians 2:4-16, Ezekiel 28:3, Luke 16:8]. However, if we abide in Christ, He will help us overcome [Luke 21:12-19], even though we may not succeed in our battles at first [Judges ch. 20]. God will not put an end to the wickedness until the appointed time, because He gives each of us in mankind a choice [Joshua 24:15].

[Note: a good reference for further study on the King of Tyre [Tyrus] is at these links:

The 23rd chapter of Saint Matthew has quite a few verses which are very insightful to shedding additional light on this subject matter.



Something just dawned on me today, as the Holy Spirit showed me the conjunction between a sermon I listened to a few days ago, and an example of my own life. If we examine ourselves in a spiritual mirror, we can liken some of the events in our lives, to those of people in the Bible. Hopefully we can learn from those examples before it it too late [I Corinthians 10:11, II Corinthians 13:5, Philippians 3:17].

The sermon I heard was talking about King Saul, who preceded David as King over Israel. Saul was highly blessed of the Lord at one time, but, in a nutshell, started doing things his way rather than the Lord's way. He did indeed do many of the things that the Lord wanted him to do. He didn't intend to provoke the anger of the Lord. But, he did just that.

The reason that Saul incited the Lord's anger against him is because he did not do things the way that the Lord wanted things done. The more immediate result was that the Lord afflicted Saul with an evil spirit, which caused Saul to be double-minded. At times Saul was resting in the peace of the Lord. At other times he was driven by the evil spirit and had fits of anger, envy and even attempted murder on David.

Saul's eventual and eternal downfall was because even though God wanted him to go to war against the enemy [the Philistines, I think it was], he didn't wait on God. Instead, he presumptuously went ahead without God's signal. As a result, he was killed.

Back in 1993, I took up private investigating on my own, with the intent of righting some wrongs within the law enforcement arena, having been set back on ministry work. I had been wronged by some people, in a rather serious way, and I wanted to do something good for society in some way. I should have stayed more faithful to the Lord, and let Him work things out.

I ended up going to Colorado and contacting the FBI, because some people in Indiana tried to frame me for a crime I never committed. Matter of fact, the alleged crime never even occurred and I didn't even know the victim. It was an intricate set of circumstances.

A few months after arriving in Colorado, the FBI had the matter resolved, and informed that I was in the free and clear, and could do whatever I wanted to do. Up to that point I was probably justified by the Almighty in what good I had done. When the FBI Special Agent advised me to forget about it and go on, not involving myself any further, I should have listened. Instead, I continued in investigating, thinking that God wasn't going to use me in straight up ministry work of any kind.

There were a lot of cases which, had they been worked with a true sense of justice, would have, in my mind, benefitted people much. But for one of a number of reasons they really weren't, though a substantial number of FBI agents and others tried their best. One reason is because of corruption in various levels of law enforcement, including some in the FBI. So be it, it is in God's hand.

One of the major reasons of corruption in law enforcement in/around my region, is due to a particular blonde female operative of some sort, one with whom I have never been associated in any way, who not only undermines legitimate investigations, she mixes parts of Christianity with law enforcement, and she does both falsely, in the wrong spirit and with ulterior motive.

She has also gained the assistance of many church people, who are as lost as she is or extremely gullible and out of touch with Christ. This is relevant only because it illustrates two things: how merging of church and state destroys the Gospel mission, and; it is also a clear illustration of satan appearing as an angel of light through a human being. Just enough of a Biblical tinge to seem legit, and then Jezebel has you, once you make a pledge to her outfit.

Most of the "law enforcers" in my region who know about her have used her to advance their power hungry, socialist-oriented, unconstitutional and antiChrist agenda, hurting a lot of countless lives, or else she has gotten dirt on them and forced them to further her wicked agenda. It has been mostly the latter, with her and her crew purposely making law enforcement look far worse than they have been.

She has also gained the confidence of some militia people who, as far back as the nineties were undermining legitimate investigations. The relevant thing about them here, is that without a foundation of Jesus Christ, they are all going to end up like the Macabees or Theudas and his bunch: dead, buried with a failed agenda.

The point is, the end does not justify the means, no matter how much we try to make ourselves believe that. I know, although I haven't persecuted Christians, I have tried to do things my way such as Paul once did, and I have been something of a Jonah at times. We have to learn to wait upon the Lord. Once He speaks, we need to ask Him "how high" as we're jumping.

There are a number of Christian believers in various places in the government, so I'm not saying or implying that Christian people never belong in positions of investigating and other high places. America would be far worse off without them there. Nonetheless they are in the proverbial "belly of the beast" which, will, ultimately, spit them out to be rid of any vestiges of good. It is written in prophecy and will come to pass, eventually. They need our prayers.

One thing I am saying, however, is that for me, that is not what Christ wanted. I should have simply remained much more faithful to Him, and let Him work the rest of the things out through Divine Providence. I never really forsook Him, and many of my decisions were made after prayer. He allowed it for a time, though I now remember Him saying to my heart that it would one day come to a halt, and that I would be more devoted to Him, provided I remained faithful.

I realized some time ago that I had the same problem as did King Saul. I was double minded, and I wasn't letting Christ be in my heart fully. I refused to forgive. Once I learned to forgive, I reasoned that doing some part time investigating would be okay, because even though God forgives, is a forgiving God, He is also a God of justice and judgement. Our duty was to bring people to justice, and let someone else judge. This is all true. Yet, as I've already stated, it is not what the Lord wanted for me to do.

There is conceivably more than one way to obtain some of the results that God wants. There is only one right way. His way, the way of Yahweh and Yeshua [God and Christ]. I'm sure that there are people in various positions in government who God places there. I, and certain others, are not one of them. Anything that God wants us to do, be it witness to someone or build a house: if we choose to do it without God's guidance, it will come to nothing, or it will be false, faulty or less than what God wants.

We need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, to seek fully God's will. Be forewarned, you, the believer, and you alone, will know for sure what God's will in your life is [Romans 12:2]. God sometimes sends prophets to us to reprove or correct or admonish, but if someone else, even a prophet, tells you something that differs from what you know that God has shown you, then it should be disregarded [I Kings 13:8-24, I Peter 5:8].

Occasionally God will also reveal to other believers what work for God you will do, but be sure that what God shows them and what God shows you will coincide.

God will eventually confirm each believer's calling, but God does not need the manipulations of man in order to orchestrate His will in a person's life. What God needs is for each believer to do as told by the Holy Spirit.


I learned some valuable things rubbing elbows with various levels of law enforcement people. Most I like, some I don't. Some are sadists and more like the Gestapo than American police. Most are decent people and mean well, trying their best. Most militia people are decent people and love America, meaning well. Throughout my sleuthing time I meant well. Most of the time I was in decent standing with the Almighty, though wayward at times. However, I was out of the will of God for my own life.

Those of you who are involved in law enforcement in one way or another, study things out. If you closely examine many of the methods, you will find ways to wage the spiritual warfare that every Christian wages, whether they realize it or not, because many of the methods of law enforcement, especially of the more covert entities, clearly illustrate many of the same methods that satan uses.

Traditional investigating has largely been discarded in favor or methods which could be termed psychological warfare which, in reality, are a form of satan's spiritual warfare. To my knowledge, the CIA is the worst entity about waging psychological [spiritual] warfare, but the FBI has been using those same methods more and more. Those methods instigate wickedness, which leads to more crime.*

Many Christian believers, especially those in or associated with law enforcement at all levels, are willing adherents to satan's war against God and Christ, not even being aware that they are. Howbeit, sooner or later, usually sooner, a true believer will be checked by the Holy Ghost, revealing that there is something wrong with the picture.

A Christian could rightly say that if they were involved in crime, that they would want someone to stop them. But they could not rightly say that they would want someone to use mind games against them, many of which instigate the crime to begin with. Two readings which sharpen spiritual discernment are Psalm 18 and the book of the Prophet Ezekiel.

* Spiritual warfare is partly of the mental, because the conscious mind is where everything is registered, and the soul of man is partly spiritual and partly mental, or psychological.

[Note: I will place pertinent scripture in places in this article, in order to more fully explain, expound and substantiate.]