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1. Relieving on Walks 

     Even an outdoor dog will relieve it's bladder or bowels on a walk. Doing so often is not necessarily a sign of a bladder control or prostate problem. What it is likely a sign of is a domination issue. A dog should be dominant on it's own turf, that is, your property, to the extent of watching, guarding and protecting it, with discrimination [that is, they should not attack someone who is just standing there or who is a visitor or guest. They can hold them there, but they need to be trained to refrain from excessive force], but outside of their domain they need to be passive unless the situation dictates otherwise.
     When walking along, when the dog starts to sniff in order to relieve itself, give the command 'NO' or 'LEAVE IT', and give a jerk on the leash, making them continue walking. A dog can hold itself for quite a while, and male dogs usually leave fluid in their bladder for the purpose of marking their domain. If really necessary for them to go, find a suitable spot and give them the command you usually give when letting your inside dog out to go.
     This is a control feature for you having better control over your dog, as well as helping to avoid conflicts with other dogs and humans, because by controlling the domination instinct in the dog, you are training him to be passive when need be, instead of being overly dominate. 
     Originally posted 7/9/2013

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1. Relieving on Walks