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                                     INVESTIGATION CASE INFO

     Beginning over 15 years ago, the cause of helping one’s fellow man swiftly turned into cause of necessity. The world of crime is also a world of similar investigation techniques to the United States Government, as well as the private investigation systems. The main difference between the two lies in what motivates each of the two main entities, that is, crime and the crime fighters.
     No matter whether a system is near perfect or not, it is no more perfect than it’s weakest link, the weak link in this case being either dishonesty or incompetence, whether that incompetence is due to lack of experience, skill or lack of aptitude for this particular field.
     Over the course of nearly twenty-five years, information pertaining to the support of reasonable cause directing the initiation of various cases was submitted to some of the many investigative entities of the United States Government, and a few private investigation agencies.
     These cases were mostly all serious, but no real definitive case closure has ever been orchestrated, other than cases being either closed (and eventually reopened) or left in limbo “pending more substantive evidence”, thus giving the culprits more time to cover up their crimes, usually at the expense of innocent people. It also has allowed the 7 year statute of limitations to get a few guilty people off of the hook, in some cases.
     In reality, enough evidence was presented to warrant more thorough investigations by governmental authorities, and in some cases, the culprits could have been arrested and tried, likely convicted. In other cases, culprits were “rolled” to become informants. Those whom became honest informants were dealt bad hands, and others simply used the opportunity to infiltrate the undercover system of law enforcement and investigations, thereby often enhancing their capabilities of running crime rings.
     One main reason that crime is such an important issue, is that the realm of crime extends into the government world, either exploiting the already corrupt tendencies of dishonest, selfish and greedy government personnel or, in some cases, entrapping the gullible sincerity of well meaning, but inexperienced and naïve, people.
     Sometimes, government cannot get very far on certain cases without help from the civilian sector, as most officers will acknowledge. This is relevant, because there are many things which our government will not reveal to us, the citizenry, because they think that we are unable to think and act responsibly concerning our own safety, welfare and security. They forget too soon that it has always been we the people whom have fought and won wars. It is also a major point of incentive to mention that anybody whom works for government is actually working for we the people, receiving their paychecks from we the people. They are our servants, not the other way around. Those whom seek to rearrange the Constitution and enslave the people, need to be given a one way ticket to another country.
     Before I do I will say two other things: one, a high ranking FBI agent has told me that if the public ever found out all of the things which go on between the government under cover world and the criminal world, that there would probably be riots everywhere. This information is not nearly enough to cause such a thing, although it is enough to cause concern; two, there is no need for riots and unruly behavior, because that would bring about martial law, and in order to effectively and thoroughly conduct a successful investigation, participants must needs be and remain calm, cool and collected.
     People also need to remember that it is detrimental to a case to involve people whom have no desire to be involved in investigative type of work, much less to use others as pawns. In other words, the end does not justify the means. Even in war there are rules which ought to be abided by.
     Be it known that I have never taken an oath of secrecy to the United States Government concerning any type of case or investigation, other than a 20 year oath of non-disclosure to the U.S. Army/C.I.A. over the assassination in 1984, which I honored.
     The only governmental law enforcement/investigative agency that I submitted any of this info to, for many years, and that initially investigated these reports, was the Federal Bureau of Investigation, excepting some which a Wabash County Sheriff or two looked into.

     1. Several attempted murders on an innocent person and plans for others, most of whom were simply privy to an illegal gun and drug running ring, which ring had been active for at least several years prior to 1992.
     There were several attempted abductions of some of those same people, one of whom had been forced into transporting illegal guns and drugs.
     During one of the attempted murders, an aircraft was used in commission of that crime, which aircraft may have been a government owned craft.
     The location for the base of that operation was Tennessee, Wabash County, Indiana having several drop sites for the illegal products.

     2. Possible involvement in the above mentioned crime ring by state police personnel from at least two states.

     3. Unlawful coercement and deceptive tactics, to cause innocent civilians to become informants, by state police, county police, city police and federal law enforcement/investigative personnel.

     4. Fraudulent use of social security numbers in conjunction with an illegal name change scheme, possibly involving both law enforcement personnel and a covert group of anti-government people. In some cases, people whom were involved had no idea what the true identity of the entity in charge was. Keep in mind that some of the organized crime groups have nearly identical capabilities as the United States Government, especially when operating in conjunction with government personnel.

     5. Involvement of law enforcement personnel with the criminal element, beyond what is considered acceptable.

     6. Purposely endangering informants, and in some cases non informants, in order to force into identity change (sometimes permanent) by either government personnel or people from the criminal element, and at times the evidence pointed to people from both sides operating hand in hand.

     7. People of similar appearance being forced, pressured, tricked and/or paid to trade identities, hence lives, with each other, usually temporary, so that a crime could be successfully committed and covered up.
     This is often aided by the ploy of investigating, referred to as investigating by proxy. Doing things by proxy is a common practice but is often abused. (see item #20).

     8. Military weapons being stolen and sold by and to civilians, including rifles, hand grenades and anti-tank weapons.

     9. People with certain skills, attributes and capabilities being cost gainful employ, property, associates, etc., by one entity, whom makes it look like it was another entity, so that the target will join or aid the first entity.
     That scheme is similar to an old mafia trick. They would hire some thugs, whom were not known to be associated with them, to terrorize and rob businesses and homes within a certain area of a city, and once it became a known problem, send one of their own to offer assistance, for a weekly or monthly payment.
     Concerning the plot, organized crime has their own network of investigators and informants, and both organized crime and corrupt government personnel use this same tactic in order to gain informants and investigators. Organized crime will often make it look like their investigation network is governmental law enforcement.

     10. Drug dealers whom “run under the flag” of law enforcement, supposedly to aid authorities in apprehending the bigger culprits, once they have been caught and "rolled", being given the chance to do so in exchange for a lenient sentence, sometimes none at all. But many take advantage of the system’s offer, in order to eliminate competition from rival drug dealers and to further their own ring. During this process, they link up with other corrupt informants and officers. This is one reason why so many murders go unsolved. Just a few years ago, according to FBI statistics, 38% of the murders in the United States go unsolved.

     11. A system of psychological warfare used by not only the CIA and FBI, but also beginning to be used by state, county and city law enforcement departments, as well as by non government entities, which undermines legitimate law enforcement operations.
     There are at least two main venues to this program. One is to aim the attacks at key figures within the target investigation, be it officer or civilian, knowing that enough of the right kind of mental distress not only causes the victim to drop participation in a case, but that eventually, continued mental distress causes physical ailments. Sometimes, rather than concentrating on the target directly, they will attempt to discredit that person amongst co-workers, family and friends.
     Tactics like this are a key focal point of the CIA, especially against foreign enemies and their governments. Thanks to former President Ronald Reagan, the CIA has practically unbridled authority to spy on almost anybody that they choose, for almost any reason, both abroad and in the United States.
     When CIA personnel especially, but also other intelligence agency personnel, run amok, they can undermine anything from freedom to family values, from capitalism to true religious freedom.
     I believe that the CIA has went to some fairly extensive lengths during the past 10 years or so, to clean up their choice of personnel, although the result of some of the work of the corrupt operatives has been the undermining of good, solid law enforcement departments’ standard operating procedures. It was noted in the newspapers a few years ago, that the CIA was concerned with how much power the FBI had been obtaining. In retrospect, it was the FBI which, a good some years before, had voiced the same concerns about the CIA.
     Unfortunately, many government agencies consider it to be acceptable to sacrifice innocent, civilian lives (their welfare rather than their life itself, in most cases) in order to accomplish the end goal of the overall picture.

     12. A semi-paramilitary group whose goal appears to be undermining the United States Government and it’s system entirely, rather than eliminating corruption, consisting of members from nearly all walks of life, including law enforcement. There are a number of groups like this, not always consisting of members from the American public. Some of the groups whom are comprised of Americans advertise endorsing the Constitution of the United States of America, but merely use that as a smokescreen. Most of the groups whom promote the Constitution are likely 100% sincere.

     13. Covert and intricate methods of setting people up for assassination or extermination of one kind or another, by both the criminal element and people within the government. Prime targets are whistle blowers. At times, if the target cannot be effectively eliminated, the culprits may switch to a secondary target which will affect the primary target.

     14. Recruitment of church members for use as spies, a common practice by the CIA in foreign countries, now being done in the United States by officers and investigators at most, if not all, levels of government. It stands to reason that, if there is an overt crime committed by a church member, then there is no reason for any type of under cover investigation, at least not an extended one, and certainly no reason for an informant use situation once the crime has been effectively dealt with. So what is the reasoning? The clue to that answer lies in learning what the role of the CIA mostly is, and sometimes the FBI: intelligence (information) gathering of all types.

     15. Various forms of punishment meted out to people whom openly question or disagree with certain actions or venues of certain government entities. (To the mafia’s “credit”, if you disagree with some of their activities or turn down offers to join them, they generally take it with a grain of salt and shrug it off, particularly if you do not cause them any trouble). (It is interesting to note the history of how the mafia came into being).

     16. Government people being eliminated whom attempt to bring to justice those within the ranks whom are corrupt. Attempts by government personnel to bring corrupt government personnel to justice are at times curbed or stopped by forced, early retirement of the more senior officers and forced early outs of the younger ones.

     17. Pornographic rings which infiltrate government informant and investigative networks in order to promote their own agenda.

     18. Slave trade based in San Diego, California. San Diego is at least one city in which the victims are shipped to foreign countries. The FBI verified the situation, but mentioned, rather dejectedly, that there was little they could do about it.

     19. Misuse of ambulance services, some of which at least are privately owned, sometimes by the mafia, which organization owns many legitimate businesses.

     20. Misuse of disguise methods, to an extensive degree, including as an aid to commit crime, up to and including murder. 
     When I first told about some of these things to the FBI, as well as a few other things, they not only scoffed, but actually told me that I was imagining things, not sleeping enough, and that I needed to be on medication because I had a brain disorder. At first I got mad at them, but after doing some research, it became funny, that they were dumb enough to think that they could make me believe so. #1, the FBI uses disguise pretty extensively. #2, in the book entitled Commandos (listed on the BOOKS page of this section), the Navy Seals reported having seen strange things during training involving extended periods without sleep, so sometimes we can imagine things, but it certainly doesn't make us wacko. #3, there is a film called STANDER, about a cop named Andre Stander, whom used disguise methods to start robbing banks over in Africa. There is also much on him on the internet. He was English, if I remember correctly. A very good movie. Also, when the FBI was looking for Timothy McVeigh's supposed accomplice, they questioned over 100 men nationwide whom resembled the partner. The FBI is very good at condemning people for perfectly sound and explainable reports, things which they not only deal with every day, but also take part in. Hypocrites and liars. 

     21. Certain individuals whom were possibly trained by CIA personnel in the fields of industrial espionage, and applying those skills in the United States, against the civilian population.

     22. There is another theme which has became prevalent within law enforcement/department of justice operational modes, which is very wrong, for several reasons. Much of the time, after making a police or other report, the very people whom you've reported will be seen around the person whom made the report, harassing and/or observing them, as though the one whom made the report was the culprit. Seeing as how police reports are supposed to be confidential, it is obviously law enforcement which is orchestrating this devious tactic. This is wrong because: that is a intimidation and reckless endangerment, and also a form of psychological warfare; it is a huge security breach, not only exposing the person whom made the report, but also opening the door for criminals without badges to figure out whom informants and undercover officers are; and it is cowardly on the part of all involved.
     They have also had people do this, whom the target has never reported, but simply talked to, maybe only once, maybe on a number of occasions.

     23. Members of churches whom use the government in order to promote their own church organization and/or denominational doctrine, and have also at times used the government in order to quench, subjugate, even destroy those whom openly oppose their doctrines and viewpoints, yet do nothing more than openly and verbally oppose their viewpoints.

     24. Discrimination due to race, color and/or religion in the workplace, including within law enforcement, towards those from within by those from within.



QUOTE BY JUSTICE ROBERT H. JACKSON: "I cannot say that our country could have no secret police without becoming totalitarian, but I can say with great conviction that it cannot become totalitarian without a centralized national police." []

                                                 CASE STANDING

     To the F.B.I.'s credit, they do listen, paying attention to details, and the ones I've dealt with have a firm policy of their contacts not swearing when talking to them, staying honest and being at least morally inclined. Unfortunately they, like most government officials (cops included), have a saying, which goes something like, "it's nothing personal, we're just doing our job (or duty)". Some can't help it, because the higher ups won't allow them to orchestrate real justice in some cases. Others don't care. In regretful retrospect, the Gestapo, the SS Troops, and many others, can claim the exact same thing. They were just doing their duty, obeying their orders. I doubt that anyone respects a fair, honest cop more than us, or despises the actions of corrupt ones more than us, and we believe that the only buck that ever stopped at the White House (the government) is the taxpayers' bucks.
       The outcome of this information being relayed to the top officials was likely abuse of it, in the form of using it to gain more control over the law abiding sector of civilian society, as is often the case. Believe it or not, most of the government personnel to whom the above information was presented finally said that there was nothing they could do about much of these cases, including local and state police departments. So much for fighting crime.

     Governments have a bad habit of covering up their own faults & transgressions, under the misconception of being concerned that publicity of bad results by "rotten apples" will somehow cause everybody in society to lose confidence in the government to such a degree that every facet of society will crumble when, in fact, the opposite is true. People respect someone whom admits their mistakes or shortcomings, provided they intend to correct the problem as much as is possible. Even my drill instructors in the army were willing to admit that they were not perfect nor infallible, once in a while.
     In addition to having been reported to the Colorado Springs, Colorado F.B.I., beginning in 1995, mainly Special Agent Neil Hoener and/or one of his proxies called "Blackjack", the information above was also reported, beginning around 2002, mostly in full, to former President George W. Bush's staff, an Indiana State Police officer (Lonnie Slisher) , a county sheriff (Leroy Striker), a city policeman (Matt Rebholz), a county prosecutor's chief investigator (Terri Weaver), a city mayor (Bob Vanlandingham), this past summer (2009) to President Obama's staff, in that order, with around a year between each one. I'd also reported the entire case to F.B.I. Special Agent Steve Kell during the nineties, and parts of it to F.B.I. Agents Byron McBrayor, Steve McBrayor, Sheriff Leroy Striker, Wabash City Police Officer Scott Long, I.S.P. Detective Bob Land, and Wabash County Sheriff Bob Land at various times. 

     Not a one of the police or other investigators ever contacted me back, though they said that they would, other than Land, as sheriff, whom I submitted data for documentation, and I have seen many signs and indications that someone simply tried to cover it up, especially since many of the culprits were their own informants to begin with. When one agency or department was either unable or unwilling to properly pursue a case, I'd try another. My preference was to forget about it all, but once certain culprits know that you are aware of their crimes, they will often hound you until you give in or deal with them. I chose to deal with them, on my terms. 
     We believe the reason for them not taking care of the crimes has to do with money and power. At a certain point after they had had ample time to check the reports out, each one of them (excepting Obama's staff, which we never contacted again over it), either refused to speak with us or evaded us. Given the serious nature of the crimes, we have to conclude 2 main things: they don't care enough to do what is right, and; when stepped on by higher authority, they will quench a serious case.
     I do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I reveal that the possibility exists that someone from a higher authority than these people stepped on them, in order to keep them quiet. Probably the biggest problem of too much secrecy during the course of a major investigation is that it opens the door to secret assassinations and/or bribes.

     The biggest question which I have been asked is, why did you ever trust them, after seeing some of the ways in which they conduct things concerning reports. My answer is, I have confidence in the way the system is supposed to be, and operated under the thesis that sooner or later, I'd find someone in government whom is fair, just and honest, and whom has a burning desire to see true justice orchestrated. 19 years later, a lot of us are still waiting.  

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