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     This page is dedicated to listing people who have helped my business in one way or another, either directly or indirectly.

  Friday, January 8, 2016 3:14 PM



     Stanley Enyeart edited Dog Training Volume I-"Serious Inquiries Only". VERY GOOD WITH VIDEOS.

     Mike Price edited demonstration videos found on the DEMO VIDEOS page.

     Tiffany Overlander worked for Slee Dog Training as an independent contractor from June 2008 to September 6th 2013, as a video camera operator, canine training assistant/evaluator and property security watch.

    Brandon Poe, training assistant for Dog Training Volume VI-Sentry Duty.

     Adam Poe, camera operator for parts of Dog Training Volume IV-Fetch, and security guard for the premises.

     Joy Harbor, librarian, who helped me a lot in learning basic computer skills.

     Sonia Poe, who watched Tiffany's baby at times while Tiffany ran the camera and let me use her house for training my dogs the task of ROUNDHOUSE.

     Sterling Howard ran the camera for Dog Training Volume I-"Serious Inquiries Only".

     Michelle Pell has worked for Slee Dog Training since April 2008 as a camera operator and training assistant, on a fairly regular, part time basis in the status of independent contractor.

     Jason Holley, training assistant for Dog Training Volume VI-Sentry Duty.

     Floyd West, training assistant for Dog Training Volume VI-Sentry Duty.

     Sam Cone, technical advisor for helping me learn how to operate a computer.

     Nancy (Slee) Fearnow, letting me use her house for parts of Dog Training Volume XI-Advanced Obedience.

     Dennis Conliff, who lets me keep dogs at the place I rent from him.

     Jerry Maxwell, who lets me use one of his yards to play fetch with my dogs, and who has helped me in other ways.

     Scott Heeter, who has provided sound business advice and timely input.

     Todd Vigar, who gave me the idea of advertising my dog training on a website.

     Kraig Musselman, who let's me use one of his fields for training and exercise.

     'The Paper' of Wabash County, who created a fine ad for advertising classes.

     Jenny Blue, who kept an eye on my place when I was gone, who I miss as a neighbor.

     Kim Palmer, who has helped me out many times when I was in a pinch, and didn't have time to go pick up supplies.

     Karen Moore, who babysat McHale during some critical times recovering from his broken leg. She is great with animals, especially dogs.   

     Miami County Vet Clinic, who treated Mack during his broken leg recovery, when he got infected badly and Jeff from Cornerstone was on vacation and the girls weren't sure what to do. They treated him on a Friday before Memorial Day, working overtime a while.

     Russell Quillen, owner/operator of Quillen Masonry, who assisted me in removal of siding from a house, with which to side mine.

not sled dogs or sleeping dogs

     Dennis Bone, who keeps an eye on my place when I'm gone, and has given me some timely input.

     Mike Miller, who has helped me out several times when I was in a pinch, and needed some assistance.

     Jerry Perkins, who has provided an abundance of instruction on the finer points of computer operation, maintenance, security, troubleshooting and multiple facets of the sometimes aggravating art of microcomputers.

     Isaac Davis, who provided assistance on what to do when my Windows OS went haywire.

     Cornerstone Vet, who provides excellent care for the dogs when they need anything, particularly the time Mack broke his leg.

     Fort Wayne Animal Clinic, which helped out with advice a couple times in the middle of the night.

     Tony Janeway, who hauled gravel to my place, so I wouldn't have to keep walking through mud.   

     Zach Figert, who made a good deal with me on siding for my house.

     The F.B.I., for catching some people who tried to hack into my email. The hackers were unsuccessful due to GoDaddy's security, and stopped from further attempts by the F.B.I. GoDaddy's security is such that it is highly unlikely they would have achieved success, but criminals need to be stopped.