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                                             A WORD ABOUT THE FBI (and Law Enforcement)

As a formerly commissioned, acting FBI street agent, I assert that there is a lot of good to be said about that bureau. However, as with all organizations, both government and civilian, there are faults to be noted. Many of those faults lie not so much in the organization itself, but with certain personnel within the organization, who take advantage of policies and procedures. Immediately below is the first of a series of essays and links, pertaining to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it's personnel, as well as law enforcement.


Revised 01/07/2015

                                                      Constitutionalism, Discernment and the Investigative Vex

     Slee Dog Training and Security is not formally associated with any constitution-based groups, including the tea party, militias or other such entities, nor any investigative entities, neither government or private. I was formerly associated with the FBI, first as an amateur sleuth, then later as a commissioned, acting FBI street agent.

     I am not against the cause of the militias and tea parties by any means, rather I am all for the full and intended realization of the Constitution of the United States of America, which is a guarantee of those rights that we have at birth, given to us by God and nature. I am simply not formerly associated with any right now.

     Slee Dog Training & Security endorses the Constitution of the United States of America wholeheartedly, believing it to be the prime protocol for administering a nation. Aside from the Constitution being a necessary guide for the proper function of government, the remainder of it's force lies in each individual, rather than being rooted in an organization. In all actuality and in it's deepest sense, the true force of the Constitution is embedded within the heart, soul and mind of each individual, so it's force is indeed rooted in each individual, interacting with all other individuals. Only liberty minded people can institute freedom and liberty, first as individuals and collectively and even perhaps subconsciously, as groups, regions, societies and finally, as a nation.

     Bear in mind that, quoting the explanation of the author of 'Common Sense Revisited', the Constitution of the United States of America “does not give us any rights. It simply guarantees that Americans will maintain the God-given, naturally inherent rights that all humans are born with”.

     The foundation and very essence of the Constitution consists of precepts from the Almighty, being separated into two distinct ideals: adherence to particular morals and ethics, and; longsuffering, stemming from the grace bestowed upon the world by Jesus Christ.

     While it is true and stated, that the Divine Being described in the Bible, who we recognize as the Almighty and the Creator, wants us to believe in and adhere to His ways in full, He does not force us to, as it were. He grants us freedom of choice, though in retrospect, He ordains men to enforce certain of His precepts upon us, in the form of laws and the government agencies which enforce those laws. Many or most of those precepts regulate human beings' actions toward other human beings and entities, as well as entities' actions towards individual human beings.

     Note that long suffering does not mean acceptance of ideals in which we do not believe nor does it interpret as being incapacitated from disagreeing openly [Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States of America]. God disagrees completely with any sinful thing that we may do, yet He, in His Divine Providence, bestows grace upon us by being forgiving and long suffering, rather than tolerant. Tolerant implies looking the other way, whereas part of God's long suffering also involves discipline and chastisement from Him.

     The tolerance exhorted by the current administration is far different than long suffering. The current administration demands that we accept as the normal standards, precepts which not only are against the Almighty and Christ, but are ideals and practices which our founding fathers did not accepts as acceptable expressions of liberty and freedom. Long suffering at least implies an expected adherence to established ethical and moral guidelines, whereas tolerance strongly implies indifference and apathy.

     God was, during Old Testament times, largely rigid, demanding and intolerant, though manifesting a fair amount of grace at times. Our laws were meant to be obeyed and not abused, nor used as a guise with which to commit unethical acts “behind the scenes”, while outwardly appearing to be in line with honest, established statutes.

     Longsuffering means that each individual is entitled to believe and behave according to their own beliefs and standards. Nonetheless, to reiterate, that is to be within the confines of a particular set of tenets. As any rule, law, statute, mandate or regulation can be broken, misinterpreted, abused or misused, the Golden Rule should be foremost in every person's mind, that is, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. A very tolerant person would let someone be run over by a truck, whereas a long suffering person would pull the near victim out of it's way many times, admonishing them to look before crossing the street.

     That is a precept which is already originally present within every living being's conscience to begin with, as far as knowing how we should be, illustrated by the fact that when something is done to us that we do not like, it bothers us, so we should know not to do that to others, notwithstanding the sad dilemma of people who are masochists of one type or another, who possess a confused conscience.

     Patriotism is defined as 'love for or devotion to one's country'. Nationalism is similar but more deeply rooted, and in certain contexts strongly suggests intolerance, which could suggest or mean intolerance for lack of outward devotion. Germany during World War Two was extremely nationalistic and patriotic, as were the Pharisees of Jesus' time, and both of these groups had two, main, undesirable characteristics in common: lack of tolerance for those outside their immediate circle, and; while fervently devoted to a cause, lack of understanding which resulted in the wrong concepts being obeyed.

     When America arrives at the point at which it's patriotism is no longer rooted in the Creator and adorned with the graceful qualities of Christ, then that same patriotism becomes redundant, cumbersome, meaningless and ineffectual. America was originally established in order that Christians might worship in freedom and in truth, no longer being burdened with the heavy yoke of the King of England. He was a tyrant in many respects, including the faith, being directed by the then established church of England, which had no tolerance for any form of worship except that which they themselves prescribed which, in many respects did not remain devoted to scripture in it's true meanings.

     Though preferable to God, being a firm believer in Christ is not required in order for basic precepts of Biblical teachings to be practiced, or to be a genuinely patriotic American. Obviously different and not interchangeable, even most major religions of the world have standards which exemplify proper conduct towards others, by each individual, which are similar or, in some instances, duplicates of Biblical precepts, which inspired the Constitution in the first place.

     To again reiterate, the Constitution is meant as much for the individual as it is intended as a guide for the nation, and it is the sum of all individuals that establishes the nation. The Constitution then provides the framework for administering the nation, it's main objective being to protect the rights of each individual, which rights were greatly infringed upon by the government and church in England. So saying, that makes the Constitution wholly for each individual. The government is merely the medium by which those individual rights are to be upheld and protected. Yet, those rights were meant to be within the confines of Judao-Christian precepts, rather than whatever each individual desires to do.

     If individualism, which includes freedom of thought, choice and action, is lost, then the original foundation is gone and the rest of the building collapses. This is what both Germany, and Israel, experienced while journeying in their quest to form sovereign nations, and this is the direction in which America is traveling as well.

     By focusing on the “big picture” only, and neglecting to consider what means were going to be used to obtain the goal, the entire end goal was obscured from their view and placed out of their reach. As every gained objective must be acquired through proper means, if the means utilized are not in line with the end goal, then the end goal will never truly be arrived at. As an illustration, you would not use a metric tool set to restore a 1957 Chevy and expect to accomplish the task, at least not as well as if a standard tool set had been used. You would not use a chainsaw to cut lumber for building a house, nor would you use a table saw to cut down trees.

     The Pharisees and seemingly pious Germans alike were so zealous in their intended implementation of supposed freedom, presumptuously assumed to be ushered in solely by their respective nations becoming sovereign, that they developed an attitude and spirit of “the end justifies the means”. Anyone who dared disagree with them or stood in their way was ostracized, persecuted or eliminated altogether. To use an old saying, they “couldn't see the forest for the trees”, even though some 4,000 German, Christian ministers, out of around 19,000, refused to abide by Hitler's program, and in the case of Israel, though even Pontius Pilate found no fault in Jesus Christ.

     Some fully commissioned FBI street agents found fault in their superiors' unconstitutional intentions of “stinging” a local militia in Colorado, in 1994. At their bequest, as I was then a commissioned, acting FBI street agent, I got a halt put to the sting by, after exhausting the FBI chain of command, going to that militia and informing them of such. I did that not because I particularly favored the militias, or agree with everything that they do, or else how they do it, but because of the principle of the matter. An end justifies the means mind set is what has prompted every tyrant in history to take over nations by any means available, and it is without any ethics, virtue or morals, resulting in much evil.

     The upper superiors were angry with me when I told them what I had done, as they had all agents question their lower echelon people, but they accepted the fact that they had been called on the carpet for wrongdoing, that is, orchestrating the [potentially] proper action by using unjust means.

     At my FBI mentor's superior's insistence, I outlined a constitutional means of orchestrating the very same sting, upon the very same group, which was successful a few months later, which placated the superiors, or most of them, and allowed the militias time to revamp and prevent any unjust prosecution. In that case the right spirit of the event was allowed to reign, and the proper foundational framework regulating the United State's government was kept intact.

     Had Constitutional basis been ignored and an unjust raid conducted, the result may have been internal dissension in both parties and potentially wide-spread repercussions due to a breach of naturally inherent protocols and firmly established and fitting rules of conduct. When violations of trust, spawned by deliberate trespass against suitably grounded etiquette occurs, the prescribed, harmonious and spiritual connection between the Almighty, His natural laws and mankind, and between humans, is disrupted and the awareness of a need for certain orders becomes dim, resulting in anarchy to one degree or another, more often than not spiritual anarchy, which ultimately results in physical turmoil and anarchy.

     Limited anarchy due to natural laws being ignored is what ingrained Americans to attempt to annihilate the Native Americans and enslave the Negroes. It was an end justifies the means mentality, all in the name of westward expansionism, a guise for greed and selfishness, and was spurned by both jealousy and envy, envy being the root cause of murder. America has yet to recover in full.

     Attempts at redeeming the United States have been many and varied, but most have been futile, because the idea of focusing on the Almighty and His goals and methods have been largely forgotten, neglected or ignored, replaced by inferior doctrines, by government, patriotic organizations, many Americans and even a large majority of organized churches. God has been reduced to someone, or something, to turn to when all else fails, and we wonder why the state of the union is in disarray.

     Again, this turns to each individual, especially concerning the faith of Christ. Forced adherence to a faith has never worked, and never will. At the same time, certain regulations must be enforced, meaning laws which stem from the Judao-Christian precepts, or anarchy will emerge and reign. Anyone with a clear conscience will agree that the moral laws are just. Even the pagan nation of Assyria devised a moral code, under King Hamurrabbi.

     Accounts of empires, kingdoms, nations, dominions, principalities, businesses, families and individuals lives being in disorder due to failure to follow acceptable policy or standards are recorded in numerous writings, easily accessible by anyone who desires to expand their horizon, or who simply wants to know. As one man stated, “History forgotten soon repeats itself”.

     I believe that the key to restoring America lies in the heart of every individual rather than in institutions promoting constitutional and civil rights. The combined efforts of all such entities will become increasingly ineffective, vain and hopeless unless each individual realizes the value of and practices true ethics and morals towards one another.

     This does not imply that people should feign friendship or turn into falsely agreeable androids. It simply means honoring what the Constitution of the United States of America truly means, which can be chiefly summed up in the words of Christ, again: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”.

     People do not like to be manipulated, curtailed or hindered, and when a person is doing no wrong they should be left alone, the act of manipulating never a viable option, under any circumstances. Due to presumptuous, overbearing, selfish and greedy people, America has evolved into a land of bullyings and seducings, disregard for other's goals in life being a given.

      Slave owners, Socialists, Communists and other selfish and greedy people do not care about the expectations in life of others and, via a series of demeaning and often spiritually deceptive and psychological conditioning methods and ploys of a manipulative, domineering and commandeering nature, they try to create subjugates who merely do as told, or commanded via innuendos or implied orders such as were Pavlov's dogs, craftily forcing people to leave abstract thought, freedom of expression and activity, and personal industriousness to the wind. People succumbing to that become little more than a highly skilled animal, an automaton with inhibited emotions, thought and action.

     When I first reported to the FBI, in 1994, that members of a clandestine organization communicated to one another in public using innuendos, hand signals and body language, and a form of verbal cryptography, they not only scoffed, but attempted to have me put on medication. Yet these same people, FBI agents, have tried, probably with some success, to implicate and even arraign, leaders of organized crime who conveyed to hit men to go make ready to kill a particular person, with but a nod of the head or some other barely noticeable sign.

     Agencies like the FBI would like, in order to veil some of their own methods, for people to believe that even though a canine can be trained to execute a task with just a slight, or exaggerated, movement of the body or a part of it, or a part of a word or a certain sound, that a human, though having been through the sequence of actions pertaining to a particular act many times at the prompt of a wink or nod , could not possibly discern a message communicated in any manner except verbal or written.

     To use a rather promiscuous event as an example, which is an extreme yet realistic, example of the aforementioned, how many lovers, be it married or otherwise, need more than a subtle, physically undetectable cue, that their partner is ready to receive the benefits of the outward manifestation of a human emotion? Or to know when the other is not of a receptive nature?

     FBI agents and law enforcement are trained to “read” body language and mannerisms, in order to discover particular traits , characteristics and other manifestations of inward feelings or physical states, as are professional job interviewers. Body language tells a short story about a person, though that science is definitely not always accurate. There is more than one reason for any particular body movement or mannerism, so it is a false stereotyping of sorts.

     But the point is, the FBI and other law enforcement personnel are hypocritical and deceitful at times, and to use a common example as an illustration: they will tell one person that boiling water burned their hand, but tell another that boiling water cannot burn their hand. And when the second person objects to what they perceive and state is an intentional lie, the FBI will label them psychotic, neurotic or mentally imbalanced.

     Agencies such as the FBI are taught to view each problem as a whole, in a larger context, as the big picture, and in so doing they discount the value of the individual. Destruction of individualism is one step of the Communists in achieving their goal, and they, like American government agencies, increasingly, assume that everything should be a part of the common good, a means toward some political end.

     Assumption is the mother of all disasters and presumption is it's mate. Under either full blown or partly socialistic rule, since adherents to that political belief assume that it is acceptable to conceive that every effort of every person is to be had for the common good and for the state, then therefore, everything is available for the use of others as they see fit, towards the end of achieving an utopian type of order, including the use of other humans, with or without their knowledge and consent, up to and including employing them as scapegoats, patsies or pawns.

     Indeed, as a formerly commissioned, acting FBI street agent, I have experienced firsthand and from both sides, just how these and other agencies deceive, manipulate and falsely implicate the innocent. When ordered to do so to a fellow human being, and briefly instructed how to, which would have either triggered or helped create a psychosis on the man, or else made it appear as though he had a psychosis, I refused and promptly told the proposed victim what my orders were, quite blatantly, so that he would have a fair chance for vindication later, as he was being investigated for some crime.
     Briefly, a psychosis is seeing or hearing things which are not there, which is a hallucination, which results in a false belief about what is taking place or who one is, which is a delusion. Disorganized thought and speech can also be included in the characterization of a psychosis.

     At it's most basic level, a psychosis is something that most of us have created in another person, in the form of a joke, and lasting only temporarily. Telling someone who is terrified of spiders that there is one crawling on them, and playing it out with a bit of acting, is creating or triggering a psychosis. Moving an object and then feigning disbelief when the other person can't find it and swears that it was just there is creating or triggering a psychosis. When someone sees us in a parking lot at a store, from a distance away, and we later tell that person we were not at that store, is creating a psychosis, perhaps more aptly termed a reverse-psychosis.

     The FBI, CIA and other entities sometimes go out of their way to conduct such operations, in order to cause their victim to become confused, stressed and disoriented, hoping to motivate their target to do something illegal or haphazardly, providing an opportunity to confront them or catch them in a crime, or to make it appear that they were involved in a crime or some mischief.

     However, that method is often misused in a different manner, against innocent people. An example of that is the television show 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King', where a person's life was disrupted so that they could be prodded into becoming investigators. Or 'Enemy of the State', where the victim was used, misused and abused by government agents in the orchestration of some sinister plot.

     One commonly known way that FBI agents and even state and local officers create or trigger a psychosis in someone, or more aptly put, make it appear as though a person has a psychosis, is to show up somewhere that person is going, arriving before they get there, doing this at multiple places, and causing other people to avoid them or treat them with disdain, often by telling people something false and distasteful about them or implying such. Or going to their place of employ, showing a badge, mention their name and say or imply that the person is under investigation for one thing or another, and under threat of duress, making the employer keep quiet about the investigator having even been there, yet admonishing the employer to let other employees know.

     There are many ways in which their ploys are orchestrated, and there are much more subtle, covert and crafty methods that some of the “investigators” employ. The basic ways of causing mental restlessness, agitation, disruption and other disturbances are meticulously elaborated on by people who desire to intentionally produce and propagate psychological turmoil, often leading to physical ailments, in people.

     The CIA nearly created a psychosis in Fidel Castro during the sixties. They had a plan to have a close aid put an itching powder onto Castro's clothes shortly before a speech, in order to make him appear a fool to his subjects. The plot failed and never was carried out, and if it had, Castro would likely have figured out what the source of itching was. However, people would have treated him with scorn, which in itself could cause a psychosis.

     The FBI vehemently denies performing such ploys, of course, even when caught red-handed, citing a coincidental set of happenings as causing suspicion of a psychological affront, and often the final synopsis pinpointing the origin of such an event remains obscure, remembered in it's most tangible orchestration only by the perpetrator. Note that the FBI makes extensive use of proxies and informants, which helps to create a back door for what the CIA labels plausible deniability.

     Plausible deniability means a way to lie out of a pronouncement of guilt over some activity carried on that deviates from accepted standards, either in it's administration or result. A form of plausible deniability is used often by the FBI in the course of having certain people placed on drugs, in order to alleviate a supposed mental imbalance or disorder. The plausible deniability comes into play concerning the diagnosis of the victim's mental condition, in that, it is always a mental disorder of some kind, according to the feds, rather than some other source, which can cause the same symptoms as a psychological problem.

     Take, for example, some of the Navy-Seals-in-training during “Hell Week”, during which time extremely arduous training is forced and very little sleep is allowed. Some have reported seeing strange things out on the water, objects which most definitely are not there. Are those soon to be Seals plagued with a mental imbalance or disorder, or is there some other reason for the hallucinations?

     It is commonly known that fatigue due to lack of sleep and pushing the body in physically exerting activity can cause people to see things that are not there, or to misinterpret what they are seeing. I believe, from personal experience and observation, that the aforementioned factor produces the same results as other problems which can cause psychosis, including alcohol and certain illegal drugs, while using and while withdrawing, and some prescription drugs. According to some reports, the military has manufactured methamphetamines for the soldiers to use during periods of intense and prolonged activity in war time, since World War Two. Reportedly, it's use was discontinued in 1983, after American troops mistakenly fired on allied troops in Iraq, while using meth.

     There are a number of medical conditions which can cause psychosis, but as those are not relevant to this article they will not be discussed. However, the same symptoms which point to psychosis can also be caused by many other matters. Symptoms of psychosis include uncoordinated thought or speech, false beliefs not based on reality, unfounded fear or suspicion, seeing, hearing or feeling things which are not present, and thoughts that go from one unrelated topic to another. And every one of these symptoms can be produced and/or provoked by other human beings, or due to normal circumstances, again, such as lack of sleep/quality sleep or fatigue. And, again, it can be made to appear as though a person has a psychosis.

     Let's say that a person has a drinking problem, resorting to alcohol when certain situations arise such as co-workers being unfriendly, maybe to each other rather than to the person who problem drinks. Or maybe when the workload is abnormally heavy, that person consumes alcohol in order to relax once home, but later feels discouraged or depressed, having at one time been strong into physical fitness, but no longer can due to time constraints. Under favorable conditions for mischief, either scenario could be enacted. The fatigue from overworking, the depression from the person's reflections and the results of hangover could be construed as a psychosis, especially if it is “egged” on.

     Maybe this situation actually causes a psychosis, and nobody is intentionally trying to cause one, which is probably normally the case, but the situation is ripe for it, and is very possible. The source of the plan could be a relative who, in the event that the originally proposed recipient of an inheritance gets into trouble, receives the inheritance by default. Devious plans like this occur all the time, perpetrated both by government and civilian people, occasionally co-conducted.

     Agencies such as the FBI and CIA study scenarios like just described all of the time, in order to master the art of manipulating people. Though little known, the CIA was caught, during the sixties, causing unwitting people to consume certain hard drugs, so that the agency could observe the reactions of those victims. The insidious scheme was finally uncovered when one of the alleged victims jumped out the upper story of his apartment building, thinking he could fly. These days, the government has delved even deeper into the realm of controlling people's actions through various means, including attempting to manage not only the psychological but also the spiritual realms.

     Concerning the spiritual realm, Bible believing Christians are considered to be psychotic, because they believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, angels good and bad, and God who is a spirit, and relish the idea and existence of an afterlife in heaven. Most cultures ever in existence have acknowledged some kind of supernatural power, as does science itself.

     Science does not refute the supernatural, which means “above nature”. Science can be used to debunk paranormal claims, but paranormal and supernatural are two different fields, at least in certain contexts. Science considers it and religion to be very different, yet not contradicting each other. In many cases they complement one another.

     Personnel working for the FBI scoff and deride the idea of groups of people manipulating other people, groups of people or individuals, yet that concept and practice is as old as civilization itself. On a large scale, once Muslims conquered India, the Muslims manipulated Hindus into accepting and converting to Islam, by instituting a tax on all non-Muslims and reserving most government positions for Muslims. Therefore, many Hindus converted to Islam to escape the tax and enable upward mobility.

     Class and caste was rigidly enforced in India, and under some kingdoms, there was no chance for upward mobility, nor was fraternization between the classes allowed. So in cases like that, if a lower-class person sought a better means of income, they were denied the opportunity not merely due to class and caste, but also because certain jobs were meant for certain classes. These protocols were enforced, and they were enforced by the people, more than by the government.

     As an extreme example of manipulation and creating what would today be viewed as a major mental disorder, the Hindu practice of sati was strongly encouraged, though not imposed as a necessity. Sati occurred when a woman, whose husband had died and preparations being made to burn the body, would be singing, laughing and dancing around. Once the husband's dead body was placed onto the fire, the loyal wife would throw herself onto the husband's body and burn to death, along with the dead body. A woman who did this was considered noble and blessed, whereas a woman who would not was ever after forced to dress in course clothing and was essentially an outcast for the rest of her life. This is a prime example of people manipulating other people's behavior, possibly without but maybe a few spoken words.

     The practice of sati, to the Christian and many other people, would be a delusion, a symptom of a psychosis, and it likely fits under that classification with most people. But it is a created psychosis, instigated by others, to the point that the woman is more than willing to to engage in what amounts to suicide.

     A psychosis could result in suicide, no matter how the disturbance was acquired, and just as a person can be driven to drink, a person can also be driven to possessing a psychosis. A battered wife may refuse to tell anybody about her abusive husband, and may even claim to love her husband and eventually begin believing that she deserves to be mistreated and thus is ingrained with a psychosis which, in that case would be a delusion and maybe hallucinatory.

     Trying to instill fear in someone over non-existent ghosts, such as at a party in a remote area, is something which many of us have done. Orchestrated to it's height, that prank can cause someone to develop a psychosis. There are people who, having done nothing wrong or amiss, and being told that the police are out to arrest them, are bothered so intensely by that, they develop a psychosis. I suspect that events like that will happen frequently in the future, if the full implementation of patriotic and Christian activities being considered criminal is initiated.

     Thoughts which jump between unrelated topics is, to some, a symptom of a psychosis, and to the observer, a person may appear to be engaging in an erratic thought pattern. With some people, however, their mind produces thoughts faster than their physical being can state them, thus it appears that the person has a psychosis. Law enforcement could easily establish a presumed basis for diagnosing a high-strung, nervous person with a psychosis, by multiple officers besieging the unsuspecting victim, or culprit, with a series of questions, asked so rapidly and concerning different topics, in an overbearing manner, that the person becomes hopelessly frustrated and from all observations, seems to be confused and in a very erratic state, mentally. In that situation, it would be rational to assume that the officers are gunning for that person, though that claim could be dismissed as unfounded by the officers, which could lead to depression and a stumbling speech and walk. Thus, a “psychosis”.

     Interestingly, in a book which title I've forgotten, there was an FBI agent, a very effective, distinguished and lauded agent, during the sixties or seventies who was constantly darting his eyes around, as though he were expecting at any moment to be confronted by an assailant. It's just the way he was, nothing being wrong with him.

     Diagnosing various actions and attitudes as one or another form or type of mental disorder has become big business these days and a prime area of supposed concern for law enforcement. However, the field and it's related, wide array of one or another determinations can be deceptive. What is now considered to be some particular type of mental disorder in American society, is considered normal in others, and once was in America's. Not that there aren't true mental disorders, but the players on that field can be manipulated.

     In the process of validating that certain people possess a psychological disfunction, many officers of the law at various levels, as well as other authorities, reveal by their attitudes and illustrate by their actions, that they themselves have a psychosis. Many have an unfounded fear of thinking outside of the box and an erroneously based suspicion of anyone who questions certain policies and procedures of a governmental or even a private, entity. Many police officers turn into bullies and brutes, because they are insecure and are afraid to be a normal, compassionate and understanding being while in the course of their duties, having an unfounded fear that everyone is a potential criminal and could be out to override their authority, perhaps assault them. Thus, a psychosis in it's technical definition.

     I believe in the Bible and what it says. Yet, I can and have sat and listened, for several hours, to a self proclaimed atheist's beliefs and viewpoints, speaking but few words the entire time. It didn't hurt me at all. Many officers I know are the complete opposite. They seem to have some delusional reason for keeping most civilians at a distance, as though they would lose their air of “authority” if they actually engage in normal human relations with them. That indicates a psychosis.

     Many civilians have that as well, and often times, whether consciously or not, people cause others to develop a psychosis, illustrating a deep-rooted emotional phenomenon of “misery loves company”, or in other words, the manifestation of envy. While we all enact actions that we are not always or immediately aware of, there are those who have turned it into an art form, the practice of mentally afflicting others.

     There are many, many different methods which could be employed to, again, create or trigger a psychosis, or make it appear that a person has one. People have been mistreated in that manner and, rather than being sent to an insane asylum, accept a false charge, simply because they knew too much. Sometimes a guilty person will admit to committing more crime than they actually did, in order to escape a diagnosis of mental instability.

     Scores of school children are on medication these days, being diagnosed with one mental ailment or another when, in many cases, they just have an undue amount of energy and need to be compelled to engage in physical activity in order to burn excess energy, thus establishing a balance between the physical, intellectual and spiritual. Unfortunately, the authority for parents to discipline and work their kids has been gradually taken away by the government.

     So now we have a society filled with kids who are dependent upon a prescription drug with which to achieve a state of tranquility, or well-being. And once those kids step out on their own, if they are considered to no longer have ADDT or some other deficiency, it seems like a strong possibility that they will pursue the consumption of some other drug, in order to feel right. This is a case, I believe, of the government creating a wide-spread psychosis, in both parents and children, by punishing parents who discipline their children and make them work.

     When planning such maneuvers, the careful culprits take into account that even when a case is opened to scrutiny and all possible labels for a legal transgression, except that for which it really is, are discarded as not feasible, lack of tangible evidence allows the violator to remain free of charge. An ancient example of this is the most destructive fire of all times in Rome, thought to have been set at Nero's bequest, but being blamed on the Christians, empowering Nero's desire to persecute them.

     Weighing all available evidence, it is more than viable to conclude that Nero was most certainly the person ultimately responsible for setting the fire, or having it set. After all, he murdered many, including his own mother, and was known to hate Christians, always seeking an excuse to persecute, especially Jewish believers. Nonetheless, sufficient evidence is not presently known, of sufficient strength to convict the man of arson and murder by arson, in a court of law.

     There are many FBI operations, and operations by other entities, which they get away with because, like in Nero's case, they know that suspicion alone is not enough to normally warrant an internal investigation. They have placed multitudes in jails and prisons on circumstantial evidence, but I've never heard of any officer of the law being arrested and tried on circumstantial proof. There is always an excuse, and unjust prosecution is often overlooked due to an end justifies the means mentality.

     Even though courts of law have convicted many innocent people under circumstantial evidence, it has also failed or neglected to convict many of the guilty, especially when the culprit has a badge. So for the former reasons, as well as others, militias, and others, hate the FBI and for the latter reason, the FBI greatly disdains the militias, sometimes because the very presence of active militia thwarts the efforts of the FBI to gain undue control over civilian America., the FBI being largely a long arm of the administration with which to implement and enforce it's policies, constitutional or not. Because of this constant yet irregular, sequence of conflict, victory, defeat and occasional stalemate, both sides tend to utilize the methods of the other, and even assume certain attributes of the opponent while investigating same.

     Within investigative entities, the aura of secrecy is so pronounced that whenever a covert information leak occurs, the proper people often have no idea that the adversary is gaining vital information and playing the system. The very measures designed to keep investigations stable, actually provide cover for internal, surreptitious operators while at the same time, distancing the very personnel which should be aware of what is going on in an investigation and the details thereof.

     The attribute, or lack of, which creates a back door for trojan attacks is discernment. Book learning is wonderful, highly to be praised. But only two things can bestow true discernment: the Almighty and/or experience.

     In the area of discernment, as many churches have become more and more secular in their beliefs, doctrine, efforts and dealings, most of them have either lost or forsaken their true discernment, choosing instead to rely upon and worship earthly things rather than the Creator. Loss of discernment has resulted in many truly devout and knowledgeable teachers and preachers leaving the ministry, due to pressure from rebellious congregations who are opposed to the entire truth.

     Not only has the church been clinging to human achievement and understanding, secular doctrines and the world system, but they have also largely integrated with the government, at least in many local scenarios. This, in turn, leads to favoritism, which breeds further negligence of true doctrine. One denomination uses law enforcement against another, or else their investigative methods, and the true essence and purpose of the church is undermined and lost. But the government gains more power.

     On the other hand, some church congregations have such vast informant networks of their own, they actually possess enough information about local activities that they are able to, and at times do, undermine or thwart law enforcement investigations that should be conducted. The reasons for that are generally to prevent a member from being prosecuted, even justly, or to protect some other interest of the church or church members, often to persecute those who call false teachings on the carpet..

     One such interest with some churches, a far-right appearing constitution-based organization, which churches occasionally resort to to supposedly “straighten out” members who, in the church's elite's eyes, are causing problems, is an entity which has CIA ties. This organization is fairly loose-knit and was investigated by the FBI some years ago, but rather than prosecute members for obstructing justice, hindering investigations, fraudulently using identification, entrapping people and other crimes, the feds tried unsuccessfully to implicate the Native Americans one time, the Mafia another, and ultimately employed church members as informants or investigators, amid my strong protests.

     That fraudulent constitution group employed a particular tactic which has the capacity to instill a psychosis within people, at least temporarily, which the FBI eventually adapted to it's own agenda. It involved determining where a person, such as someone who was investigating them or speaking against them, would go at certain times of the day or on certain days.

     Then, instead of following them around, which could be construed as stalking, in certain situations, they would organize a group of cars being driven by the group's members, going towards their prey on the highway, some of the members making strange gestures or contorting their faces, others just glaring or staring. The goal was to intimidate and demoralize. The Native Americans of the old west would occasionally do that very thing to the American cavalry: two groups of people on horses, passing by one another at arm's length, without brandishing a weapon. According to documentaries, that tactic frightened and demoralized the American troops almost as much as an actual attack.

     The FBI began using that tactic sometime during the nineties, to my knowledge, and after nearly every time I ever made a report to them about anyone in the region undermining investigations or such, usually within a day, there they'd be, culprit, informants, FBI agents and all. Dumbest and most insecure thing I ever saw. It would be a dream for anyone wanting to document many people who are linked with the FBI in one way or another. The FBI controls much more than we think and excessively more than they should be allowed to. Even a number of church goers have been involved in that strategy at times.

     The FBI didn't used to even consider using a church as an informant base, as far as I know. But over concerns that the CIA was extensively using churches as an informant foundation, which they have, the FBI was requested to investigate. They successfully extracted the CIA from some churches in my region, but rather than relinquish that source of information back to it's rightful Master, they instead decided to take up where the CIA was forced to leave off, at least in some instances.

     The FBI is not always directly responsible for interfering in and disrupting the lives of people who are in the circle of involvement in which they are investigating, but they have a particularly bad habit of allowing swindlers and other criminals to soak the innocent, while they simply investigate and let it happen, neglecting to warn the innocent. Once the case is brought to a conclusion, the FBI rides off, leaving a trail of broken lives, and sporting one more notch on their “pistol grip” of cases.

     The key to creating or triggering a psychosis is the ability and conditions for forming, generating, or shaping an illusion, and can be grounded in something real or tangible. The key to causing others to believe that a certain person has a psychosis is twofold: the target victim must comprehend something, whether an idea, event or object, and: the other people must be deceived into thinking that the target has a mental instability, or some other type of problem which shouldn't be broached. And while that may be largely so, a kind word never hurt anybody, but the bullies' agenda in cases like this is isolation of the subject, further complicating any issues that may exist.

     Herein lies the secret for successfully initiating that type of facade, which is the implied yet mandatory silence. Just as the public has been taught that it is a mistake to ask a combat veteran how many people he has killed, and it is, for fear of triggering an undesirable and potentially lethal circumstance, we have also been conditioned to avoid questioning with someone who really has a known psychiatric or psychological condition.

     Because of that, aided by the present day lack of communication, camaraderie, compassion and genuine concern, it is relatively simple for a corrupt officer to create the aura of a person being mentally ill or incompetent. It's a case of everybody knows, wishes they didn't know, refuses to discuss it yet wants a solution, and certain people within the federal bureaus as well as state and county law enforcement departments, to a lesser degree, take gross advantage of that fact. That leaves the victim at the mercy of the authorized ethics offender: unless the intended victim is aware of the dilemma and is equipped with the necessary knowledge with which to combat the issue effectively.

     Aside from creating a psychosis in people, there are other devices which are used and scenarios which are concocted. One is purposely endangering people, so that instead of murdering them, corrupt authorities can have the victim, a victim because they know too much or protested against wrongs too strongly, placed in a witness protection program, three of which are managed by the U.S. Marshalls, the FBI and the CIA. Many are in those programs unjustifiably or due to being set up.

     Another issue which I believe is largely caused by humans, to an extent, is homosexuality, as well as undue or excessive promiscuity. Many cultures have had and some still honor, the protocol of arranged marriages. When one of the proposed spouses is not willing to marry the other, disgruntled family or friends may see to it that the unwilling partner cannot find a companion of their choice. So many will simply go the route of lasciviousness.

     Overall, society, including government and civilian sectors, have cast off being in a state of straight-forwardness, honesty and being up front. Even undercover investigators often resort to devious and underhanded schemes, sometimes prosecuting the innocent, for the sake of closing a case and meeting the prescribed quota, or to further their own career. Technology, on the one hand, has aided authorities in apprehending the right culprit. On the other hand, some elements of technology has made it easier for tyrannical personnel to oppress others.

     It is more than possible to become overly sensitive about issues such as this, and so it is imperative to understand that it is impossible, even when we're at our best, to offend no one at all [James 3:2], remembering that Jesus Christ Himself offended a lot of people, simply by speaking the truth. Sometimes it is what it is, but here we are discussing instances and events of intentional derangement.

     The bottom line is, when mainline, patriotic themes are adhered to outwardly only, forgoing the heartfelt implementation of ethics, proper methods and a foundational belief in the Almighty, then spiritual anarchy reigns, the best efforts are in vain, and the physical world soon follows, crumbles and is destroyed.

     Note:when I mentione the FBI, the CIA or law enforcement, I mean not only officers, operatives and agents, but informants and all related personnel as well.

     Ref. Ephesians 6:12, I Timothy 4:1. (Note: psychological warfare, though pertaining partly to things psychological, or mental, requires some type of physical action or interaction, even if merely verbal. For example, a husband verbally, or physically, abusing his wife, with the intent to bring her down or otherwise disorient her mentally, emotionally, ethically, morally or physically, is actually psychological warfare. And psychological warfare is the outward manifestation of spiritual warfare inspired by the devil and/or evil spirits.

     By Todd A. Slee, Roann, IN

                                                                                           Works Cited



                                                                   "Recruitment" by Deception

Seems that after former President Bill Clinton, in one of his speeches, stated that law enforcement was everyone's duty, the trend, once flowing, has been surging more and more towards a secretly enforced, coerced actually, compulsory-service type of society, similar to the very beginnings of Communist China or the like, just via more passive means, covertly and unofficially initiated and perpetuated by a series of falsely alleged violations of laws, based on ingeniously devised circumstantial evidence which is granted jurisdiction by virtue of redefining what constitutes a transgression of law, and illegal entrapment or outright framing, all of which are violations of citizens' civil and constitutional rights and completely outside of any ethical considerations.

By sanctioning the principle that it is everyone's duty to become involved in government-oriented activity, the stage was set for a collective type of jingoistic fervor which seems to have increasingly and gradually resounded and survived successive administrations, culminating at the inauguration of Barack Obama amidst a party like atmosphere.

George W. Bush initiated the final preliminary for a constrained, and rather limited, ethnic cleansing of dissenters protesting socialist-based policies with the 'Patriot Act', and Barack Obama began implementing the coup de grace to Constitutional rights, via a cleverly manufactured coup d'etat, promising a free and prosperous society. What his supporters didn't know is that free meant freedom from traditional American values and prosperity was for the newly formed oligarchy.

Once the current administration got under way, it was made very clear that Barack Obama seemed to have considered it not only imperative, but unavoidable, that all American inhabitants, leastways from 65 years old and under, perform some type of government service, thumbing his nose at, technically, Amendments IV, V, IX, and XIV sec. 1, and more explicitly Amendment XIII. He enchanted a large portion of Americans into a frenzied mood of desiring change so drastic that unbridled freedom and virtually unlimited materialism appeared to be the main agenda, appealing to many. The promised freedom apparently meant liberty to wage war on Constitutional rights and Judao-Christian values and the material flourishing pertained to government coffers becoming seemingly infinite from new, never ending fees and additional taxes.

Though the stated platform has shifted dramatically since the campaign, in 2008 scores of people shouted wildly, praising the proposed reconstruction of the United States. Reformation is needed, but the proffered revamping of "the land of the free and the home of the brave" resulted in such an aura of zeal even among a substantial number of church members, that it was hard to distinguish between that crowd of supporters, and the crowd of advocates which bolstered the verbal representation of the blueprint for reclaiming national independence from an oppressive host country, by the Austrian nominee for leadership some seventy years ago, who promised to restore the economy and instill civic pride, both of which had been wrecked beforehand.

The present operators in the White House, smooth ones at that, are not necessarily advocating changes designed solely by themselves. Some of the redirection is, but many are also propositions presented and documented by previous administrations, placed on the "back burner" until more opportune times rolled around. But just as wine must be properly prepared and aged before drinking, the period of history needed to be ripe for a nearly complete reversal of applying standards, both business and personal, which our founding fathers based the creation of America upon. Accordingly, insidious bourgeoise based in other countries have been waiting patiently for just the right occasion.

But how could an entire nation, being primarily Biblically value oriented, fall prey to a practically complete betrayal of beliefs and standards for which many have died defending and which the majority of citizens have always held dear? Why would enough power be derived from a portion of America's inhabitants that the U.S.A. be transformed into a European-principled culture and civilization, thus throwing the sovereignty of the United States to the wind?

Obama has made many alarming statements during speeches, including that America needs a civilian national security force that is just as powerful and strong as the military, and Rahm Emmanuel elaborated on that by stating that all citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age will undergo some type of basic training. This is not military training, but something similar, likely including a liberal amount of anti-constitutional indoctrination. There are already provisions in the Constitution for a force with which to secure America domestically in the event it is needed, which is various militia organizations different and apart from the military.

Senator Brad Sherman revealed, a few years ago, that when the congress was preparing to vote for the banker bailout bill proposed by Obama, that some members of congress were told that if they voted the bill down, that the economy would be pushed awry and there would be martial law in America. Intimidation is one way in which opposition to the civilian national security force could be thwarted. Yet that would only prevent congress from blockading such an implementation. What about the private sector?

Firstly, Constitutionality has to be demonized, which both Bush and Obama have effectively accomplished. Secondly, once enough support has been garnered, those people, already mesmerized, and accompanying resources, can provide reinforcement for quenching the remaining dissension.

A few years ago it was judged illegal for trucking company owners to simultaneously persuade their drivers to stage a strike or shutdown, such a work stoppage capable of forcing the government to concede to demands for Constitutional government. That law is a violation of parts of Article I Sections 9 and 10 [ex post facto prohibition], and Amendments I, IV, V, IX and XIV. Likewise, when police masqueraded as violent protestors, to cast a bad shadow upon otherwise peaceful protests, that influenced the public to question the necessity of the First Amendment.

There is a wide array of circumstances in which police are forcefully or craftily circumventing Constitutional and Civil rights of one or a few people at a time, behaving like the "Brown Shirts" during Hitler's rise to power, instilling fear into the masses and further distrust of the authorities, potentially causing a future rebellion of the majority, a potentially preplanned institution of martial law and severe oppression resulting. But a far worse, though obscure, factor may be prevailing.

While investigating for a county sheriff in 1993 and for the F.B.I. in 1994-95, and up to 2011, a significant scheme was affecting many well meaning folks: select personnel involved in informant activity, posing as criminals, were sent to agitate, harass, intimidate and plague citizens with certain desirable skills and traits, with the intent of causing the victim to start making reports to police officers or F.B.I. agents, after which the unwitting inductee(s), even church members (long a tactic of the C.I.A.), would be drawn in, little by little, to the world of informing and sleuthing. That is actually an old mafia stunt.

In times past, I'd presented many a culprit to full agents for either pressured witnesses or, in extensive cases, eventual prosecution. The end result has been that the most clever and resourceful offenders have been "rolled" into government service, utilizing the same ploys, scams, guises and methods for the feds or cops, against law abiding citizens, as they had used previously, for one or another unlawful enterprises.

Once set, it became relatively easy for the furtively solicited "conscript" to be manipulated and placed into whatever environment the handlers desired, the handler sometimes being either a high ranking informant or an acting F.B.I. agent. That barely discernible, illicit practice has often been contrived by the F.B.I., being empowered via a by-law which states that once a report is made to them, the one submitting the report is required to abide by whatever mandate the agent in charge decides is needful for case success, largely affecting personal decisions and goals.

Saying all of this should not be construed to mean that the F.B.I. as a whole, or even as an entire field office necessarily, implements those unethical methods. I have discovered groups of informants practicing that, systematically manipulating investigators and subsequent case outcomes. Nevertheless, many instances exist in which agents not only are aware of such modes, but condone and encourage it. An Indiana State cop once told me, "...we can't do anything more than the public allows. Most of our [initial] information comes from people making reports to us...", and a lot of people take advantage of that very fact.

The ever widening sphere of the F.B.I.'s power has been protested even by the C.I.A., that agency expressing concern that the Federal Bureau of Investigation's power has been left unchecked for too long. Having once been commissioned as an acting street agent, as well as a federal peace officer while with the F.B.I., and witnessing many abuses of authority and misuses of power, I have to agree to a certain extent, the evidence citing that, just as Woodrow Wilson used government personnel to silence dissenters, the F.B.I. has likewise become an enforcement tool for unconstitutional policies of a presidential administration..

The F.B.I. does perform a lot of good for society, notwithstanding that much of it is ulterior motive, but internal problems, such as lack of discernment, and maladies from without, such as presidents who can override separation or powers, dictate that some serious modifications need to be effected.

     By Todd A. Slee, Roann, IN

2.                                                Abuses of Authority and Neglect of Duty

During the '90s, a trend toward liberal enforcement of general policies in law enforcement began, starting with the infiltration of the investigative network, comprised of officers of the law and civilians functioning as both informants and private investigators, by corrupt persons initiating a series of thrown cases and blackballing a few sound, astute investigators and informants, for the purpose of commandeering the arena of investigations within the county of Wabash, and to at least some extent, surrounding areas.

The intention of gaining control of investigations was in order to institute; a less than quality state of probing crime, traditionally sound practices being replaced with shoddy tactics and questionable practices and methods, including preconceived aggravated entrapment by creating conditions conducive to the elimination of any choice by victims, other than to commit an infraction of the law in order to financially survive; misuse of proxy methods and other personally identifying information and documentation; coercion of selected people to participate in a form of identity change or transfer in order to commit and conceal crime, some of which was orchestrated by corrupt U.S. Marshalls out of Indianapolis (verified by the FBI and the CIA) and the mafia ( in investigative conjunction); bribery; undue overlap of informants and investigators between illegal drug dealing, theft and prostitution rings, including an "underground", or secret society, group which had at least some association with the CIA and the mafia; extortion; frame jobs; libel and slander in order to thwart attempts at wholesome living; and a variety of guises with which to mislead investigators.

Two of the main culprits were a father and daughter, in long standing with local and state law enforcement, the daughter, and quite possibly the father, also being associated with the CIA and the mafia, as well as the corrupt U.S. Marshalls, along with many accomplices, some police officers and others, members of local churches, some of whom were not aware of the actual agenda nor the implications of the group's activities (but were aware of the detrimental effects of the program), while others engaged with the entity for the purpose of acquiring power with which to fulfill personal vendettas.

It was not thought at the time, and isn't probable, that either the CIA or the mafia was deeply involved in these activities, because a group using the Constitution as a guise, a surreptitious and unethical version of a militia, was heavily involved and that group has been known to infiltrate the lower levels of the mafia, in order to either bilk them or do that entity damage. Some years later the FBI resident agency based in Colorado Springs, Colorado used the mafia to help quash the much empowered, though rather loose-knit, "underground" group which has caused many a mangled law enforcement and investigative case, results of which have contributed to more crime in the region. According to one FBI agent the goal was largely met.

Howbeit, a number of the original, and later, culprits were never halted, instead being inducted into the ranks of the FBI and other agencies, utilizing their skills and adapting the previous techniques to the protocols of those departments, furthering the agenda, not of the publicly stated venue of that federal, state or local investigative bureau, but to the plan of a few unscrupulous federal investigators, including a retired agent with many years experience with not only the FBI, but the CIA and U.S. Marshalls as well, having attended a meeting in Washington, D.C., sometime around 2004, discussing, among other more seemingly relevant issues, this paradoxical problem, having become a wide spread and far reaching, enigmatic plague against sound governing and inquiry principles.

For a time it appeared that the vex was completely remedied. But what has actually happened is that the entire, illicit program was revamped to appear to align with constitutionally acceptable guidelines for administering law enforcement and investigations, refined further so that it would be accepted by government leaders at one level or another who make and administer statutes and laws. Due to Marxist foundations for many of the mandates of the current presidential administration, as well as a gradual eroding and discarding of Constitutional protocols, during the past forty or so years, for congressional instrumentation of proper guidelines for governing America.

It has never seemed probable, at least not substantially so, that the mafia was involved in depth in the activities mentioned, not willing to connect with at least certain portions of the so called underground networks, even though the mob orchestrates all of the same crimes. But in retrospect, I see the possibility becoming an increasingly larger menace, looming on the horizon, especially considering two main things: the mafia is greedy of money and power, and; since they aided the FBI in combatting what amounted to a state side, supposedly totally civilian, para-military group of morally and ethically subversive anarchists, the mob has an edge and a lever, on the FBI.

Realizing that there was some mob involvement during the nineties, and that they aided the FBI, could suggest a situation resembling the trojan horse tactic of the mafia prior to World War Two, when Meyer Lansky had a ship bombed while in prison, knowing that the FBI would suspect German espionage agents. Since Lansky still ran the docks, the FBI ultimately enlisted his aid in return for release from prison, since he was the only man who could prompt dock workers to help uncover, spot and apprehend the guilty parties. Eventually the plot was discovered by the FBI and Lansky was deported to Italy, under the condition that he never return to the United States.

It is possible that this situation is the same type of thing, as there are people working in official capacities, as informants and maybe higher, who were formerly investigated and had ties with the mafia. If this is the case, then the mob is pulling strings and operating from a hidden position and afar off. To my knowledge this is not certain, though very possible. But one thing is certain: if the mob is more intimately involved than once thought, then there are also a number of government officers who are also involved, at least through consent by relaying confidential information to those who are known to maintain communications with members of organized crime.

Seems a majority of American citizens falter whenever the Constitution is mentioned, likely due to having a distaste for violent or otherwise disruptive events concerning previous encounters between alleged victims of rights abuse by government agencies. Americans have developed a deep root of apathy for anything of a controversial nature or happenings which veer from an orderly flow of their lives. Due to propaganda by Constitution-based groups and abuse of authority and illegal and/or unethical setups by government personnel, the word Constitution, as pertaining to the Constitution of the United States of America, apparently has become a bit of a taboo, which will be a major cause of a downfall for the American people.

The best synopsis I have seen of the Constitution is found in 'Common Sense Revisited', a statement by Frederic Bastiat: "Life, liberty and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." In other words, we do not have any rights because the Constitution created them or bestowed them upon us; the Constitution and adherence to it by government and civilians protects the God given rights that we naturally have. Does anyone really want someone else planning their life for them, especially the government? If not, then the Constitution should be highly valued, praised and honored, plus enforced upon the government.

According to 'Common Sense Revisited', "A government is a surrogate. The only power it has is that which has been delegated to it by the individuals who created it", meaning civilians, our founding fathers during the founding of America, all civilians now who help maintain the government, either directly, by working in it's employ, paying taxes or abiding by it's laws. There are several quotes by various, well known people, who sum a few indispensable principles up, in shorter and more effective utterings than I could explain in a timely manner:

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." [Samuel Adams]; "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but I still can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." [Helen Keller]; "You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." [William J.H. Boetcker and Abraham Lincoln]; "A government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have...the course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases." [Thomas Jefferson].

A few years ago, the CIA expressed concern to Congress that the FBI was gaining excessive power, while the CIA was being throttled back. Regardless of the motives behind the CIA's attention to that matter, I believe that it is an increasingly valid issue; the size and power of government generally and the federalization of our police forces are a genuine problem altogether, and the CIA has been just as problematic at times in the area of undue power and abuse of it. All in all, our government needs to shrink and we the people need to take on the moral and ethical responsibility towards others that freedom and liberty demand, if freedom and liberty are to be upheld, perpetuated and enjoyed.

There are many, especially FBI personnel, who scoff at claims such as I am making, while in the midst of going about to control the masses, often by creating a widespread psychosis, which concocts a reason for more control over the masses. The FBI, though advocating integrity has, via all agents with whom I have conferred in the past, revealed that their stated agenda encompasses much more than what they publish as their goals, all the while endeavoring to silence the dissenters and intimidate the true Constitutionalists through covert means.

As far as the capability and motives for deceiving and dominating the masses, which FBI agents are trained to emphatically deny, a quote from Bernays says it well: "If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, the elite could control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it...just as the motorist can regulate the speed of his car by manipulating the flow of gasoline."

From previous investigating and observations, as well as being victimized by federal investigators, though once having been a commissioned, acting FBI street agent and successful sleuth, I have arrived at the conclusion that many people have been committed to insane asylums by unscrupulous government agents for daring to defy them and spread truth about various situations involving corruption by government personnel and agencies as well as by corporations. The FBI, and other DOJ and law enforcement officers always react as though fraudulence, dishonesty and exploitation of the innocent were some new and unheard of circumstance, part of which is a form of the "good guy, bad guy" routine and a by product of the oath of secrecy that most officers take, adding one more brick to the proverbial "blue wall of silence".

Denying that investigators engage in certain types of behavior or employ questionable methods, especially ones which can create or add to a person's psychosis, is actually a part of creating a psychosis in the first place. A psychosis is defined as a "fundamental lasting mental derangement characterized by defective or lost contact with reality. It's like continually telling someone that they are wrong about some fact and finally convincing them, through verbal statements and actions towards them, that they are wrong, even though they are 100% right.

A psychosis can be imparted individually, group-wise or even on a national scale. A large part of initiating a psychosis is dependent upon instilling confusion, doubt or uncertainty within an individual concerning their state of mind. This is accomplished, when successful, by producing or generating an environment around the individual which causes, or tends to cause, the confusion, doubt or uncertainty, sustaining it as long as need be in some cases, in other instances alternating between periods of false circumstances and acting by participants, and times of normality. Often the process is a long one. As to the possibility of an entity causing a psychosis, the words of the late General Douglas MacArthur sum it up: "Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear".

Is government corruption of any given type wholly the fault of that entity? In some cases the answer would be yes as regards it's initial conception, at least with individual personnel. Yet, as already stated, the government has only the power allowed it by the governed. An Indiana State Police officer once told me, "...We can't do anymore than the public lets us do. If it weren't for informants, we couldn't much of anything, since that's where most of our info comes [originates] from". When an acting FBI street agent, my superior wanted me to harass a fellow worker at a factory, a man who was being investigated for criminal activity, that is, conduct mind games upon him, as it were, but I refused, believing that it was wrong to so do. So in that case, I did what was right, stifling the power of the FBI to wrong someone which, in that scenario would have been helping to create a psychosis. Unfortunately, there are scores of civilians aiding the government, neglecting, failing or refusing to take into account any real scruples or ethics, so the civilian populace, at large, is just as guilty, by furthering corruption in government by participating, by consent or by feigning ignorance.

I close by asserting that there is one main remedy for correcting the dire straits that the USA has descended into, and that is, to practice right modes of living, both towards self and towards others, and a few secondary practices which contribute towards the maintenance of a free society, using quotes from founding fathers, who have most eloquently provided the means to do so:

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."[Benjamin Franklin]; "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." [John Adams]; "The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy the gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people; then shall we both deserve and enjoy it. While, on the other hand, if we are universally vicious and debauched in our manners, though the form of our Constitution carries the face of the most exalted freedom, we shall in reality be the most abject slaves." [Samuel Adams];

We need to learn how government is intended to operate, becoming instructed in the affairs of such: "A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people." [James Madison]; "A primary object...should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing...than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?" [George Washington]; and act accordingly: "I know of no safe depositor of the ultimate powers of [a] society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." [Thomas Jefferson]; "Say...whether peace is best preserved by giving energy to the government, or information to the people. This last is the most certain and the most legitimate engine of government. Educate them to see that it is in their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them. And it requires no very high degree of education to convince them of this. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." [Thomas Jefferson].


Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary. © 1963 by G. & C. Merriam Co. Page 689.

The Constitution of the United States...its only keepers, the people.-George Washington. © 2009 by National Center for Constitutional Studies.

                                                THE F.B.I. AND CONSTITUTIONALITY

                                                              (THAT IS, THE OFTEN LACK OF IT)

     The F.B.I. has been demonized for years by one or another groups and individuals, including the C.I.A., militia organizations and even some of the Bureau's very own agents, both current and former. As a formerly commissioned street agent, I can attest that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has problems from within, many ailments, lack of adherence to Constitutional foundations, mandates and edicts often being a major malfunction, eye service taking precedence.

     In all fairness, there are some fair, just and honest agents, who do not speak lies by telling half truths and do respect the sovereignty of the individual, as well as the original foundations of the United States of America. And there are a great many civilian informers, support personnel and others who aid the feds in nefarious practices. The public is the greatest enabler to crime of any kind. Without the aid of the public, nobody in government can do all that much, maybe pick a few locks, tap a few phones, hack a few computers, maybe kick a few doors in.

     Unless a civilian assents to something unjust, you cannot be wrongly fired, lose your home unjustly or be intimidated much by just a fed. Remember also that the F.B.I. employs a lot of informers and private investigators, also utilizing personnel from other agencies. Below is a series of articles outlining some of the Socialistic and tyrannical methods, agendas and plans in action today, by unscrupulous people from various walks of life.



1. "Recruitment" by Deception.

2. Abuses of Authority and Neglect of Duty

3. A Word on the F.B.I., and Law Enforcement