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Todd A. Slee
 9750 S 450 W

South Whitley, IN 46787

Services Include:

     1. Instructing the Owner How to Properly Condition Their Canine to Do As Commanded , in the Areas of:   *BASIC & ADVANCED OBEDIENCE *CORRECTIONAL  *SENTRY & GUARD DUTY    *HUNTING TASKS  *MULTIPLE DOGS AT ONCE  *RETRIEVAL & BASIC TRACKING. We have a large area available for training, but the training can also be conducted at the customer's place if preferred, and in some cases that is more conducive to excellent results, especially concerning certain aspects of sentry and guard duty and correctional techniques;

     2. Training the Animal For the Owner in the Event That the Owner is Unable To, Due to Time Restraints or Other Reasons. The Best Results Are Obtained When the Owner/Handler Actually Trains Their Canine, Because it is Possible for a Trainer to Obtain Perfect Results Yet the Animal Will Not Perform Well For the Owner or Handler. So if at all Possible, the Main Handler of the Canine Should Be Who Trains the Canine.

     3. On Premises Correctional Tasks: There Are Often Situations in Which a Correction or Other Training Needs to be Administered Which is Domain Specific, So We Will Travel to Your Home or Business in Order to Help Provide a Remedy for Your Canine's Problem.

     4. Security, Performance & Breed Apprisals and Testing: We Will Conduct an Evaluation of Your Domain and Make Any Needed Recommendations By Which to Improve Security; Recommend the Breed of Canine Best Suited to Your Needs; Play the Role of an Intruder in Order to Test the Potential, Functionality, Reliability, Alertness and Resourcefulness of Your Sentry or Guard Canine.

     5. Tracking Services: We Will Attempt to Find a Lost Deer, Dog, Cat or Item Which You Cannot Locate. For the Best Possibility of Locating a Lost Animal or Object, a Search By Scent Should Be Started As Soon As Possible. We Will Provide This Service Anywhere Within Around Thirty Miles of Roann.